Anyone give me info on Camp Bastian?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. I'm for any kind on information, really, what's it like there? Is it big? Is it hostile?

    Is it a good place for a Sapper? I tried scouring the net, but some reporter won't know what it's like for a sapper.
  2. Camp Bastion is a camp named Bastion.

    It's in Afghanistan which is a hot country but sometimes gets quite cold.

    Sappers are allowed into the camp as they are actually part of the British Army, who, incidentally are rumoured to have been in Bastion recently.

    Were you revived at birth following the 'still' part of it?
  3. Hot, damn hot yet also surprisingly cold at times.

    It's getting bigger, yes it's big.

    Hostile? Well it's not fekkin Butlins, if that's what you mean. I dont think it's that hostile if you stay behind the Hesco.

    Is it a good place for a Sapper. Undoubtedly. Youre a signaller though. You'll be stagging on the comms no doubt. Ours did, funnily enough :thumright:

    If you really want to know, read some back issues of Sapper magazine.
  4. They clearly know more about what it's like than you though, eh.. :thumright:

    Edited for illiteracy, incompetence and lack of attention to detail.
  5. Well it was good enough to be built by em, so I'd expect so.....

    +1 to what fatbadge said, read sapper mags from a couple of months ago, you'll get all the info you'll need there.
  6. Actually, I'm surprised but the sigs are being split up into differant jobs. I'm being attached to CBT SPT TP as a Fitter GEN Coproral. Haha, that's what it said on the sheet, well, who'll I'll be replacing. I think I'll just be a driver though.

    Sapper mags, good, but I think I can only rustle up the last two months. And I've read them back to back, but thought they would print the more pleasent things, rather than how it really is. Or when Sapper Bloggs is writting his piece of how he and his troop contructed an LSB I'm sure it'll be proof read and re-edited by bogg's boss.

    I have heard of Camp Bastian before on the news, but I don't know weather thats just because the press only report from there, or if it's a hot spot for attacks.
  7. Oh and practise your Apache mounting drills before you get out in Theatre.. The wheel arch of a Bedford 4 tonner should do.. :headbang:
  8. I will do. After my voluntary CFT I'm doing tomorrow. :sweatdrop:
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  11. Hmm I think so too.....maybe even making brews... :thumleft:
  12. You must be from 59!!!???

  13. God help us all !

    ( Voluntary CFT...what next ? Voluntary Euthanasia ?)
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    I've fallen over and am hyperventilating please pass me a bag :sweatdrop: