Anyone from Tobruk Pl circa 1988/89

Discussion in 'REME' started by eye_spy, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. I was in Tobruk 12 Pl at Trg Bn & Depot REME, but transferred to Int Corps a while later. I remember one of the basic training Cpls refereing to a 'Man r man to' (phonetic spelling). He told us to find out what it meant before end of basic but we never did. Does anyone know what it means?
  2. I was in Burma XI, joined Aug '88. We were there at the same time. I can't remember getting set that task. I would have failed as well.
  3. deleted.
  4. Manatoo is a sea lion,
  5. Isnt that a Manatee :?

  6. I was in Tobruk 14 bit of a crow in comparison to youze.
  7. I was there 88/90 and I can't recall ever hearing that.
  8. The Cpl who set the task was the tall blonde one, built like a brick sh!t house (obviously no names here) but you will probably remember him. If you messed up in one of his lessons, he would say you are like a "man r man to" We were then told to find out what it meant. He also used to call guys a starbuck also??? Probably a wild goose chase thinking of it.


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    I seem to remember a book from many years ago about a growth on someones back that turned out to be an indian spirit that popped out for a chat eventually and was known as a Manatoo (spelling).
  10. Tall blonde Cpl is it? You've got me there. I'll have to get the photo albums out. I'll report back later.
  11. Initials were DP, colonel. He was an RD full screw, I thnik he split up with his missus while I was in Basic. If I think of anything else to ID him I will let you know. This question has been bugging me for 17 years now. Please some one put me out of my misery.
  12. the bloke i knew at that time initials RG, corps cricketer, still in just made wo1 methinks
  13. I know most of the Corps cricketers but you have still got me beat and my photo album didn't help.
  14. Don't think he played cricket. Played rugby though. Right his surname was something you can do to hair. Can't really pin it down without giving his name away over this means.
  15. This guy a tall geordie chap blonde hair failed av/air tech?