Anyone from the QRH??

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 1140_Sqn, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im planning on joining the QRH, if any of you are in the QRH could you give me some reasons why it is better then the other Regiments??

    many thanks,

    1140 Sqn
  2. To be honest all of the armoured regiments are much of a muchness. If you want to be a tank soldier then just join your local regiment, unless you have some other reason to join a particular regiment.

    You may also wish to consider one of the formation recce regiments, as you may or may not know these guys don't have tanks but use mostly CVRT. If you're not set on tanks then this would probably offer a more varied career. Though bare in mind that the armoured regiments have a recce troop and most(?) have a medium armour Sqn, both currently using CVRT.
  3. Im joining as an Officer, i wanted to join the Blues and Royals, but I have been told that I wouldnt fit in...

    But thanks for the help,

    1140 Sqn

  4. 1140 Sqn

    Take no notice of them f*ckers,i'm EX QRH [QRIH] At the moment our bulletin board is down.But you will find a VAST amount off experience in there web site address is,,,
    or try
    queens royal hussars web site
  5. Thanks alot, Im a Member of the QRH forum, im Brighton Officer. I dont use it much as it doesnt matter what i post, i get a few good replies but then it turns into a reunion!!

    Thanks anyway,

    1140 Sqn

  6. NEVER MIND,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. 1140_Sqn, I think thats the whole point of the regiment you will hope to be joining, we are a family regiment and even after you have left you have not really left, as I'm sure most us old comrades would agree.... I served 10 years as QRIH/QRH and I know you will be embraced into the fold. Good Luck for your future
  8. my chosen regiment was QRH when i wanted to go MBT, but iv now gone RECCE and my recruiter has put me up for 9th/12th royal lancers, anyone tell me if they are a good group of lads?
  9. 1140_Sqn

    research the regiment and then make up your mind. we as RAC are equaly as busy as each other. if you have roots with the regiment, ties to birmingham, the south & northeren ireland THEN YOU ARE WELCOME.
  10. attached QRH 98-01, good bunch of guys, brummies and irish good combination, location best in BFG.
  11. 1140 Sqn,

    QRH are a fine regiment with good officers and soldiers (I'm not in it by the way). I would ask to go on a potential officer visit to the regiment to see if you like them and they like you.

    I interested that you say that you've been told you wouldn't "fit" into the Household Cavalry. Who told you that? If you really aren't going to "fit" in there you may not "fit" into another cavalry regiment.
  12. I was lucky to serve with the QRIH & QRH in Fally, I must admit I had my doubts when I 1st arrived there early 1990. Just out of Catterick the Regt was full of inexperienced youngsters, the trip to Saudi 90/91 certainly helped the experience grow (ably assisted by a Sqn's worth of 17/21 L).
    They are a good Regt, who will readily accept new blood into the family. If you get the chance, join them.