Anyone from the mortars

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ComeSunt, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. Argument in pub. What is the max height that a 81 HE or WP mortar round could go in the air if fired from sea level. edit

    Therefore how high would an aircraft have to fly to avoid being hit by a round.

    Same argument for a 105.

    I have a few beers on 12,000 for a 81, and 20,000 for a 105.

  2. as opposed from? land at sea level? :?

  3. sorry, too many lagers, just from sea level
  4. 81 mm culminating height around 10,000 feet ISTR.

    I'll check pam sunday.
  5. Personally, I wouldn't fire with the object of attaining maximum altitude - what goes up, must come down.
  6. As an ex-dropshort, I claim a 100% accuracy rate. We hit the ground every time!
  7. 10,000 feet
  8. Good luck hitting your aircraft, with a mortar, mind :D
  9. I remember having trouble hitting a Blowpipe with Illum. Wait a minute, no, it was the other way round. ;)
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Even with airbursts/illum?
  11. Erm yes the carrier shell and para canopy assembly on illum will eventually hit the ground same with Prox/MT/MRF "High" its called gravity.....

    Farkin airbust, Anyone for the mortuary..........
  12. When I was in the Mortar Platoon of my battalion I am sure we were told it was 10,000 feet.
  13. Unfortunately it did. Late in the 60's I think, in the Sennelager area. There is a memorial to it just off the edge of the training area. In flight Mortar bomb struck an aircraft with para's on board pre jump. Hence the reason you can only fire on certain charges there.
  14. 26 June 1963. All 5 crew and 33 of the 42 paratroopers aboard were killed. Belgian aircraft downed by a British mortar.

    Evidently it was a 3" mortar (if memory serves - and it's going back a bit, the charge system produced a maximum range about equivalent to Ch6 of the 81mm mortar, though the plotter fans I used back in the 70's were for 3" fired from a 81mm tube, so may not be totally relevant).