Anyone from Skegness?

Thought Skegness had had it's day in the 1980's but now it may be on the map again!

People meeting up for "dogging" are preventing children from visiting a nature spot, it has been claimed.
They are gathering in sand dunes at Seacroft Marsh in Skegness and surprising visitors, according to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

In some areas it happens at night-time and out of the way and it's not a problem but this is happening during the daytime. People do bump into people doing unsavoury things. There are people around leaving not very nice litter. It's not nice when a young child sees any of this stuff?
Let's organise a charabanc for a 'dogging night out'. Sounds like Skegness hasn't changed at all.


I'd have thought watching a bit of dogging would be a break from being fucked by your Dad for Skeggie kids.


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nope book into butlins and if the wifeswapping is too tame you head for the dunes.
Having worked at Skegness for two years and originating from that area I wish to advise anyone who hasn't been there that it is one of the bleakest places in England. It's on the way to nowhere and any perversion that the residents get up to would not surprise me.


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that cotswold article is just up the road from me, its called shab hill and is often defaced.

when we moved here I went up there after work with the missus with a bucket of kfc to watch the fireworks. everyone at work got most exited when I told them the next day. its dogging one side, cottaging on the other. more gayers in cheltenham.


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yep. park there too long and someone will come and peer through the glass.

walked those dunes with the missus last easter, quite pleasant untill you hit skeggy itself.
What 'GNR' denotes is a question best left unanswered, I feel...
[wah sheild on] Great Northern Railway [wah sheild off]


And in the background is a perfect example of Skeggy, young grandma talking on phone whilst her daughter (now 9) pushes her baby daughter towards the train. Meanwhile, a sex tourist is looking for a taxi to the dunes..

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