Anyone from SCOTS DG?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Plankcore, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Oi oi, just wondering if any of you gents are currently serving, or have recently served, with the scots dragoon guards. I'm considering joining, and would greatly appreciate information on the kind of tasks (Other than operating the Challenger 2!) a trooper in scots dg undertakes, as well as the general lifestyle over in fallingbostel. Just looking for a no-bollocks assessment to see if I'll fit in, innit. :D

    Cheers lads. :)
  2. init blud ye safe. ' CHAV '
  3. Remove the "Oi, oi" & "innit" and that would be a coherent post written in good English. Sorry, don't have any answers but hopefully someone will.

  4. Become a Freemason
  5. May as well, runs in the family. :p

    FYI, I'm a (more or less) perfectly literate young gentleman, I just type like a daftie at times!

    Anyway, I'll still cling onto the hope of a serious reply to this post.

    Well, a lad can dream. :p
  6. scots dgs are a great bunch of chaps,, fally a bit sleepy hollow but its with in driving distance of all the big german towns cities,,.easy accsess to airports ,, right on moterway,, mcdonalds,, burgerking,, chinky s ,, pizza delivered to your room..3 big theme parks local ,,within 10 miles.. and a local disco knocking shop for a punch up and sh,,g on a fri , sat..
    not forgetting the world famous house, in walsrode,, ,, all in all a posting is what you make it,, the regiments good,, the blokes are great,, nice area ,,, .. join...christ i should be a recruiting sgt,,,
    and i was never in the scots dgs,,,,rtr...
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Pup, have you been on the Jagermeister again?
  8. red wine,,just asd good,, i like fally ,,
  9. think ill get a job for the fally tourist office,,
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing wrong with Fally, you know I have enjoyed myself here. It's just the thought of you recruiting for the darkside.
  11. be afraid luke skywalker ,, be very afraid,,,,d vaider....pup
  12. iam a current serving member, we are a busy regiment with little time for niceties, depends on what you are looking for and how you make use of the time we get free, as said before fally is what you make it, heres what i done before joining, i was 26 when i joined the regiment , look at where you live and think to yourself is there anything there that would be better than joining the army, as a trooper the info on earnings is readily available compare that to what you could at youre age earn(always a factor), decide what you want from the army because almost all regiments are the same only in different places, and if you join take the time to make the decision of wether YOU like it or not, be prepared to busy and work hard with sometimes no reward for youre efforts, other than that life is good and the benefits are good all the best and hope to see you in fally
  13. Aye, see that's the thing. I've got very little prospects, hate living in the UK (Edinburgh to be precise, not fond of this town!) and the money is definitely better than anything I could earn in civilian life. Also, that's exactly what I want to do; keep busy! I'm absolutely sick to death of sitting on my arse when I know I could do something so productive and unique in the army.

    Thanks very much for the input. Think you've convinced me now. :)
  14. scots dgs had a family fun day last week and id just like to thank the fijien chefs,, who did the roast padre in banana leaves it was super...
    sorry did i say padre i ment pig,,,evening padre... ha ha ha going straight to hell for that one,,,, again...
    all jokes aside a great day,,,great food great blokes,,,
    great regiment..--padres not bad either....and he reads arrse...
  15. I did 11.5 years in this most excellent of Regiments and I do not regret one single day of it. This applies to any unit in the British Forces, Army, Navy, the other bunch. You will meet the most professional military people on the planet and learn to drink like a fish. :lol:
    I can only recommend it. I even enjoyed my 8 months posting to the 9/12 who were also a great bunch of guys(although they don´t exist) but they couldn´t drink to save themselves. 8)
    Go for it man! :p