Anyone from Brawdy here?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Petriburg, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Post removed due to sh1tstorm... :roll:
  2. A good local project to raise the profile etc etc...anyone remember the "lizard bash" in Celle circa '92 when the whole regiment went out on a fokin freezing winters day with shovels to clear some weed that was threatening the habitat of some lizard or other. We broke half the shovels in the regiment (oh how the SQMS laughed) froze our tits off and the CO Lt Col H*** rocked up for 10 minute with the burgomeister for kafe und kuchen before leaving us to continue tit freezing for we giggled-and no one saw any lizards-good jopb 'cos we'd have stamped on the fekkers
  3. Fehmi Agani! Now the dimsiders are volunteering us for track bashing!
  4. I think the REgt must have quite a few blokes doing nothing, considering 1/3 are on ops, 1/3 are prepping for ops and the final 1/3 are on regt Ex!!! Can;t imagine why they shouldn;t be able to get down there on a Friday to help. What if every unit on Adv Trg spent three hours per course on each, that would be anice concurrent acty!
  5. If a third are on ops, a third are prepping for ops, what the fuck are the rest doing on a Regt Ex? Perhaps the scaley twats need the form cycle explained to them.............
  6. Probably training for "a war", not "the war".
  7. As someone said to me today, out there it is a war! :wink:
  8. Perhaps a R Sigs REgt does not operate along the lines of FORM? Oh no you wouldn;t have thought about that would you as that would mean some form of analysis. Kn0b cheese! :D
  9. :?
  10. Glad you said that P'burg. Didn't want to run the risk of being though dim or being wah'd by asking wtf a_o_s was on about.

    ps wtf is a_o_s on about?
  11. not going to bite :)
  12. Ah haaaaa! Doesn't want a mouthful of kn0b cheese! :wink:
  13. A totally wrong assumption as it happens - maybe better to have done some homework first before posting tonk statements like that - oh and do feel free to get confirmation from a green hat.

  14. you don't think it was just a joke then? it was a phrase that used to be bandied around 2 MI Bn...