Anyone from 3Para Mortars? Trying to track down a friend.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Export, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. I'm assuming this is the right area to post this in...

    As stated in the subject, I'm trying to track down a friend of mine who moved back over to the UK and joined the Para's in 1999.

    His name is Tom and his nickname is "Digger" or "Mad Tam", I'm withholding his surname for PERSEC reasons plus its a good way of verifying his identity if he does make contact.

    I havent heard from him in a couple of years (after he returned back to the UK from his holiday) and I've got no bloody idea where he is at the moment, or even if he's still in the army.

    If you DO know him, could you get him to email me at:

    My name is Steve, by the way, so he'll know who I am (and if he doesnt remember me, I'll kick his arse).

    Thanks lads
  2. Thanks lads, unfortunately none of them have an email address for the unit (that works :lol: ) only snail mail...

    Oh wait, I could be wrong..


    It didnt bloody work! Bugger!