Anyone from 29 Company 3 Military Intelligence (V) Chorley

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by kingburn_99, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Just looking for someone from 29 Company 3 MI in Chorley.

    wanted to come in and have a scan around on a Tuesday night but didnt know when you would be stood down until over christmas. Interested in possibly re-joining!

    Anyone involved please PM me


  2. I believe you are actually after a det of 55 coy, 5MI Bn. 01384 394543.

    I will refrain from the usual comments about research. Good luck.
  3. Quite right to refrain, it is Christmas after all. :wink:
  4. sorry fellas, my research was purely based on bollocks, unless i am missing something.

    Specialist (Intelligence) (4.0Miles)
    Detachment 29 Company 3 Military Intelligence (Volunteers)
    Devonshire Road
    PR7 2DJ
    Tel: 01257 247 934
  5. mmmm, kingburn do you know what intelligence means?

  6. Kingburn.. there are a few who frequent these parts.. I assume that they'll drop you a PM should they find this
  7. Intelligence means never having to say.................?
  8. .....please, thankyou or put the seat down afterwards.
  9. an ability to use crayons??.....scribble scribble scribble! ;)
  10. That would be Mirek Topolanek .

    Ah, my taxi...
  11. Hey, sorry I would have passed your details but had senior moment and couldn't remember your ARRSE name. Doh.

    Happy Easter by the way.
  12. Haha! Its Xmas, not Easter!!

  13. Yes? You were about to say?