Anyone from 29 commando 'ere?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by bigbart, Sep 3, 2004.

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  1. I'm in the process of trying to get into the Army for the 2nd time. 1st time I left (3 weeks before passing out at Catterick as an Infantryman) was because some dumb bint I was seeing said she was pregnant and she wanted me to come out or I couldn't see it, blah blah. I'm expecting some stick, so fire away.
    Anyway, now I'm trying to get into RHA and I want to do the AACC and join 29 commando. Anyone here from 29????
  2. Expect you know this, BB, but you can't have it both ways. It'll have be RHA (1st, 3rd, 7 Para or King's Troop) OR 29 Cdo Regt RA. No mixing of buttons and badges, I'm afraid.

    Served with 29 and more than one RHA organisation. To try and compare one with another is like trying to decide which was your best shag: tricky, best attempted drunk, but ultimately pointless.

    Try asking yourself some basic questions:

    Can you handle a CFT with a thong riding up your arse?
  3. I know I can't serve with both regiments. I've spoken to the AFCO who said i have to join a regular Artillery regiment, then apply to do the AACC.
    Doorbundle, are you implying that I'm a mitty? 8O
    I wasn't asking which regiment was the "best".. I know that's a stupid question. I can handle doing a CFT wearing a thong, provided that's not all I'm wearing.. 8O
  4. Like it, Bart. You'll need some stilletos too.

    By the way, exactly how big are you? You might end up getting posted to 79 Bty.

    I once had a horse called Bart. Huge focker he was.
  5. Why, do all the big lads get sent to 79?
    I should actually change my name to scrawnybart. I'm 5"9 and used to weigh 13 stone. Started running earlier this year, and now I'm a skinny 11 and a half stone.
    So do 29 do much infantry-type work when on operations, or do they just man the guns?
  6. Something like that. Think they used to call it the Pink Hotel.

    As for what they get up to now I wouldn't presume to comment. But any organisation sponsored by Dettol must have some grubby secrets.
  7. Thongs, stillettos, sponsored by dettol... 8O
    We are talking about 29 cdo regt, RA, aren't we, and not some kinky porn rag?
  8. There's a difference? :twisted:
  9. Sounds like my kind of regiment, then. I can't get to CTC soon enough... :D
  10. 29 commando isn't exactly SF though, is it? And I've decided on 29 before training because you have to specify before you get to phase 2 what trade you want to specialise in. That post I left on MF was because there are so many nobbers who say they're going to join the SAS when they haven't even had any military experience.
    As for your Sally Army reccomendation, I have to say I'm fed up of ********* at every corner trying to persuade me to come over to THEIR regiment...
  11. P.S I'll be thinking of you at Christmas when you're out on ops handing out soup...
  12. are your eyes brown bart?

    should be cos ya soo full of shite :evil:
  13. Not served in 29 but Plymouth is one of the best nights out in this beautiful country. That should swing it for you Bart. I would serve in Guz tomorrow if I had the chance.
  14. I like you, mucus. You're a funny lad.
    Username suits you.

    Seriously, though, if you really haven't got anything better to do than talk useless bollox, I could make some suggestions involving a vacuum cleaner and the bra pages out of your mam's catalogue. That should while away the lonely hours for you.

  15. Might end up being sent to Arbroath, but I'm hoping for Plymouth. I could handle a bit of time on the south coast.. :D