Anyone from 289 Romford Battery/troop?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Wanted some info on what set-up is like? People/Role etc?

    Have an ex-gunner friend who wants to play with big guns again....
  2. Big Guns ? Wrong unit, they have pea shooters

    oh let the gunbunny baiting begin :D
  3. Now, now.. lol

    Seriously anyone help shed some light on these chaps?
  4. They're a Para roled light gun troop, drawn down from 289 Commando Battery in the last set of defence cuts. They might be reroled to Commando under FAS.

    As for the number who're jump qualified, I'm not too sure. They're mostly penguins I think....
  5. Not happening - but they might well end up part of a different Bty.
  6. Sorry "penguins" not clued up ?
  7. Penguin = Flightless Bird (i.e. chaps with Maroon Berets but no wings)
  8. Penny drops!!!!!

    Wouldn't like to wear a maroon lid with the wings to match personally!!! (still have to do p-coy don't they?

    So do they llok like loosing their para role? Anyone know if everyone gets the chance to go airbourne?
  9. I spent two years with 289 when they were cabbage heads - a fine unit and it was a crying shame they were shafted. They were all para trained even then, and had a reputation for doing more drops than 10 Para. Tell your mate to give it a go - he won't be disapointed.
  10. It's all gone from Romford last I herd there could be in Bristol , white lady road
  11. 24 days off being a ten year old thread resurrection....
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