anyone from 101 (EOD) Reg?

the good Baron Castleshort and the IBA are offering EOD type classes down in sunny Croydon, assisted by military IED Search Team

Improvised Explosive Devices Search Module: IED08/1
Duration: 2 DAYS (20 hours)
Dates: 01-02 December
A 2-day specialist IED course taught by a military IED search team. Current terrorist trends are covered and vehicle and venue searches are explained in detail. Room search is covered by lecture and demonstration. Practicals are conducted by qualified instructors with long term & current operational experience

I was wondering if the "military" element was supplied by members of 101 in an official capacity?
101 don't have search teams, so i doubt they are from there! More like a bit of 33 moonlighting, although these days there is more than enough RESA's REST's with bags and bags of op experience from the remainder of the Corps.........
there were some from 33 EOD [EX] who had joined mine clearing companies etc, met one who was sent to give Demo etc at pinewood camp, by his employers in around 97/98. i was also happened to drop in at that time at pinewood. both of us were taken back to see each other, [not friends but knew faces]

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