Anyone from 1 field workshop/1 corp troops workshop Bielefeld 1970/80s

Did my JMC there that's all. (1982)
Yes, I went there in January 1977 and left 15 months later.

Did full time Sergeants Mess Treasurer for six months and then ran the Armourers shop in A&G.

Apart from the Grenadier Guards in Munster, my least favourite posting. I liked Bielefeld though.
Aww. I thought this was going to be about caravan repairs :(

*Those around there in the 80's will know what I mean :)
Without going into detail, a very senior officer was caught using 1 Corps Troops WKSP as his own business sideline doing up caravans IIRC
At the end of the first month as mess treasurer I did the proof of stock and cash.

The mess ran two bars, one sold by tots, the other as "Off Sales". The main bar hadn't sold one tot of German Falingher spirit. However Off sales had sold something like 12 boxes at 6 bottles per box.

If you wanted a crate for a washing machine for sending back to UK or a panel re-sprayed on a car money never changed hands. (So I'm told)

I had a word with the Senior member as I certainly didn't want an extended talk with the SIB.
So, what happened next, cashiered, promoted, or swept under the carpet? do tell.....
It made the tabloids IIRC and he was politely asked to leave after a certain amount of telling off.
Can't remember if his boss was Inge or Kenny (the corps commanders around that time).
If Inge it would have been a hell of a roasting!

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