Anyone found a military picture of themselves on tintenet?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by AlienFTM, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I wanted to check the tour dates of 42 Royal Marines Commandos' tour of Belfast 1976 for me book, so I went googling for a timeline.

    Google threw up several pages. Curiously, one page also threw up Worthy Down. Since I'd later transferred to RAPC and left the army from Worthy Down (I still live in the area), I went off topic and followed the link:

    Having scrolled down through the text, I found pictures. The one at top right, even in thumbnail looked familiar. It shows the then Adjutant General inspecting the honour guard at the opening of his new Computer Centre at Worthy Down about 1988.

    There were four medals among the six senior NCOs in the honour guard - I am shown wearing two of them.

    So go on, who else has stumbled across his much younger self on the web unexpectedly? We'll need to see the evidence of course, especially if, as a friend asked me, "Was it in your porn film days then?"
  2. Those were the days when even one medal on a Lancejack's chest was enough to upset many a senior rank with a bare chest! Funny thing is that some of the younger lads today have even more medals on their chest than I have. How has that happened? :D

  3. Found quite a few of me and my lads whilst out and about trying to clear cordons around IED sites. Bloody press...
  4. Found a bloody huge picture of me in Combat and Cervical, spread over two pages, of me doing the FOLLOW ME bit during FIBUA.

    Also, handsome beast that I am, I was the face in an ad for the TA many years ago in the Radio Times.
  5. msr

    msr LE


    Yes, in a story about some crabs in Basra... which is a bit odd seeing as the pic was taken on TELIC6 by 1 COLDM GDS and features yours truely...

    "The best day of your tour"

  6. Nice bike, MSR dude.
  7. There are number of them of them out of myself also a number of articles that I have written
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    1. We did a tour of Omagh closely followed by a tour of UNFICYP so that within 10 months of joining the regiment I had two inches of glory on my chest. There were a number of guys who were deemed too young to go to NI, but four months later they could go to Nicosia. Our SQMS had missed out on the NI tour for some reason and on our return, he inspected us all in Number 2s. The guy stood next to me was one of the latter guys. Eskimo Ness stopped in frnot of him and exploded, "Feck me, Tpr Butler! They giving away UN medals by the slack handful now or what?" I could not believe the vitriol in his voice.

    2. We did our job to the best of our ability, as it says on the back of the UN medal "In The Service Of Peace" and kept 3 Shock Army from crossing the IGB. Once Maggie got Old Labout out of power, we also had a government who cared. Nowadays, sadly, we have a government who seem not to want to have an army, and if we do have to have an army, they must do what they are paid to do and fight wars, so we'll start them and let the Toms pick up the pieces.

    I don't begrudge young lads their medals at all if they have all earned them (I watch the news), but is it our fault that most of our generation didn't have a shooting war to fight? Like I said, maybe it is because we also did our job to the best of our ability. Not our fault our government didn't make war.

    I actually understand why a Cold War Medal would be a good idea, but I don't intend going out to buy one just to prove I was there.
  9. Found one of me parked in the top of a 432 in the Officers recruitment glossy
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No apart from this one and my blog, however the mother in law claims to have seen me on the TV in Belfast in 83! I think the footage was post incident and even I saw some of it. It was used in one of the anniversary of the troubles documentaries back in 89!
  11. I could be seen for some years on a Join the Cake video, wearing my big orange "marigolds", marshalling Pumas for a battery air move. I also found a pic on a 7RHA site sometime back of me falling in an ungainly way (door-bundle styley) out of an airy-plane. The recruitment value of that image I can only conjecture at, as I look like a heap of poo!

    Finally I was one of several GVA officers who adorned the brochure for the WIFT. It was quite fun because you had to ID everyone from a rear view of their heads - or in one case from his extremely non-standard Jersey HW!
  12. Yes, on a site about old german camps for some reason. However i now have proof that at least one day of my career was spent working :)
  13. The salient difference was that many members of the/a government of that era had served in a/the war. Carrington, Whitelaw, Neave, Healey, Heath, Callaghan, etc, etc.. Now, few ministers have served anything other than their own interests. And my, hasn't foreign policy changed? How soon they forget.

    And in answer to the original question, no, not a one.
  14. Nice iron sight!
  15. "balcony" shots yet.....