Anyone for Medal of Honor?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jamiemufu, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Now this is looking fantastic. Much better single player + Multiplayer from my source from GAME. They were allowed to try it out earlier. Apparently the multi-player graphics have had a huge overhaul since beta. Proper competition with MW2 and the future black-ops.

    Preordered mine for 360.

    Anyone else?
  2. yeah same. on 360 as well, looks amazing in the youtube videos and proper realistic. cant wait till friday :D .. anyone got live?
  3. I have but im off to Catterick sunday. Will only have a few hours on it friday. So I just plan on having a quick bash at single player before I go.
  4. ahh well good luck mate. keep us posted whenever you can :) and i will have a long MOH session on my own the haa :L
  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Earlier than the open beta that ran all last week? Everyone was entitled to try out the PC version for a good seven days, so Treyarch could show off the fact that there weren't any Taliban anymore (honest, guv', those blokes in towels are generic and not the exact same models...)

    I'd be tempted to buy it just to piss Liam Fox off, but I'm torn:

    1) Buy MOH and find I need a PC upgrade.
    2) Buy Black Ops and probably not need a PC upgrade, but get pissed off with it in a month.
    3) Break the habit of a lifetime and buy a Fallout game (New Vegas) on PS3 rather than PC, in order to avoid any chance of needing an upgrade.
    4) Save for my wedding, study for my MSc, and generally not get smashed about by the missus.

    It's an impossible choice :(
  6. Got mine today for me XBox. It was out yesterday around these parts. There goes my rest days.
  7. Yes apparently they were on it as soon as it came into stock in UK ready for release. But as working for GAME they were allowed 'maybe not allowed;) but did anyway' to play early. Apparently its the balls. I played MW2 accross all platforms and am dying to get my hands on this as I see it as the ONLY other alternative to CoD other than BF:BC2.

    I would get MoH for PS3, and get black-ops in the future if you find yourself bored.
  8. Go on you tosser, rub it in :)

    I must admit that I've booked the day off so I can pick it up and have a blast Friday. You know you need a new job when you are looking forward to a day off to shoot pretend taliban.

    Any news on whether there's a perk so you can throw grenades at aid workers?

    *shuffles away ashamed of himself*
  9. Well if anyone wants a quick game on friday add me! xbox live - taichichuan

    I will be on most of the day, as its rest day and my last chance to xbox for a while! Damn release dates!

    Might have a quick game online if anyone is up for it! Going to try and smash the campaign friday though:)
  10. OUCH! I think you only get that when you get tier 1 status, as of course they are special forces lol!
  11. on the MOH forums the campaign is only about 4 hours long .. but that only on easy. soo i am sure you will have more time on your hands then you first thought ;)
  12. Might squeeze in a last run before I go then:D
  13. Sod it. I'll play as the taliban and cut off the wifes nose and lugs.
  14. 1st 4 hours of time thievery completed. It's not bad at all but I'll admit not as good as COD. The multiplayers ok, frantic is the best way of describing it.
  15. Yea, everyone was 'entitled to' but not many 'actually could' from what I read. I tried to get in the open beta and for the full time it was up I never managed to actually get in a game!

    Don't do it, PC > 360/ps3 any day of the week :)

    Oh, and if you missus doesn't like it maybe you should trade her in for a new model!