Anyone for invading Zim?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by El_Pato, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. Yeah, bring it on, finally something worth doing!

  2. Well maybe we should just put pressure on the neighbouring states and offer them military support

  3. If we just sit back surely they will just self destruct!

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  4. No! It is good to see someone finally redressing the injustice of the colonial era!

  1. Or should we worry about overcommitment?
  2. I would have added

    Yes, before we get dicked for Syria.
  3. lets do something for US for a change for the english speaking people in Zim .

    MAD BOB needed slotting :twisted:
  4. I would happily volunteer for Zim :evil: And I would also fight for Israel as a righteous gentile :!: The news last night, yet more kids murdered by scum :evil: :evil: :evil: And at one time my best friend at school was a Palestinian.. that said her father was shot dead in London by a rival group of Arab killers: at that time I did not know what PLO or representative meant :!: :!:
  5. Point taken :D Not in Zim no perhaps a different thread along the line s of 'Truly Worthy Causes' :?: However in answer to your question I shall parry; with does Blair encourage the IRA Leadership with his no holds barred surrender policy :?:
  6. Yes

    Not much of a debate there then

    Arafat and Sharon, are they just a pair of evil bigoted old bastards, too long in the tooth to change their ways?
  7. were not going anywhere until the president of the united kingdom, Mr Bush says so, hes just got to find another country that hasnt developed out of the stone age first.
  8. PTP, I get your point but.... Sharon has released several hundred prisoners in return for.....a suicide bombing so far. The PNA has failed to deliver on anything at cannot even be said to speak for the Palestinians in general. Call me cynical but are there parallels here with a certain Western Democracy on the edge of Europe? Israel has given ground etc in return for peace (and yes I can hear the Arabist clamour) But that was ground gained after having been attacked by hostile nations whose sole declared intent was the destruction of the Jewish state. I would, from a neutral point of view consider that to be an attempt at Holocaust part 2. So if we were to continue that thread and take it to a conclusion; given that Arab States are mostly strictly Islamic, can Arabic/Islamic states be classed as Nazi's given their highly publiscised sympathies/tolerance to other Religeous practices etc within their own 'Nation' States :?: :!: :?
  9. One minor nit. Because the PA and its police/security forces were seen as being compromised, every time the IDF went into "punishment mode" in the West Bank / Gaza Strip, PA facilities seem to have been particularly targetted; offices trashed, police stations and equipment destroyed, PA office PCs/records destroyed where possible, etc.

    After making significant efforts to destroy the effectiveness of the PA, it's a bit rich to complain that it's not effective enough all of a sudden.

    Comparison: should Britain have abandoned the peace process in NI after the Omagh bombing? Splinter group, wants to disrupt the peace process, kills lots of people.

    Of course, once upon a time the British Army used to destroy the houses of people who attacked them, regardless of the remaining occupants. Mind you, it was Ireland in the early 1920s and late 1910s, so of course it must have been successful in suppressing rebellion without alienating the local populace (not)....
  10. Surely we should have gone in when mad Bob started the trouble. Wouldn't it look now as if UK PLC was trying to save face!!! All for it though....
  11. Pompey1 just out of intrest when would that have been?

    After the first genocidal attacks by Mad Bob against the Matabele in the early 1980ies?. Only about 20,000 killed then though.

    Oh! we the British were also training his New Army at that time , right up to 2000 as a matter of fact.As well as providing His new airforce with new Hawk jets for ground attack.

    Or just in the last few years
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Since when were the MoD and the Govt bothered by public opinion? They thrive on muddied water! Mugabe can continue his rape of Zimbabwe, as Blair hasn't the bollox for a worth-while fight!
  13. How can we justify leaving Mad Bob in power. We don't even need to 'sex up' this one to justify it. Certainly there is a moral obligation to go in but I don't think anyone else cares.
  14. I say yes, because I would just about anything to get me out of this Sh*t posting!