anyone for ice cream??


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Baby Gaga: Breast milk ice cream sold by London restaurant Icecreamists | Mail Online

' restaurant in London is selling breast milk ice cream which is being served to customers in a cocktail glass.

Icecreamists, based in Covent Garden, have named the £14 dish Baby Gaga.

Victoria Hiley, 35, from Leeds provided the first 30 fluid ounces of milk which was enough to make the first 50 servings.

But the company are looking for more women to provide breast milk - and are providing £15 for every ten ounces extracted using breast pumps.'


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not shit. ice cream. ;)
Heard about this on Radio 2, Vanessa (i love being fat, oh fuck hubby has left me i'd better diet) Feltz was standing in for Vine, they had the guy on who makes it


Well, looks like I ve got some Ammo for next weeks Hate-list. Whats next, Bell-End Boulliabaisse?
I really don't see the drink breast milk from a cow!


I really don't see the drink breast milk from a cow!
Yeh, but that all gets sterilised and its from animals, imagine that milk coming from one of Georgia Davis flat, down-to-the thigh teats, its just the thought of it, or, as the Germans would say "Das Auge ißt mit" (Food should also appeal to the eye). Nuff said


The Chocolate ice cream is made from the breast milks of cancer sufferers.

I really don't see the drink breast milk from a cow!
I have to say I've not tried breast milk myself, but I've been reliably informed cow breast milk tastes considerably better than human breast milk!
Have to agree with BigBird here. Human milk is fucking awful! I can only see this as another sign that we're truly entering a fin de siecle time of ever increasing lunacy.
What gets me most about this "news" story is the woman who has come up with the idea thinks that breast milk ice cream will make breast feeding in public more acceptable. I fail to see the logic there.
No shit, really......
Noshit is the Yiddish version.......Oy vey!!!

How come it escapes the Food Hygiene Regs which demand that retail milk and milk products are made safe by pasteurising or sterilising?

Sounds potentially unsafe and disgusting to me. Bleurghhh!!!


:-x Ewwwwwwww........

No, niet, nien, no bloody way, notafuckinchance. I don't know where she's beeeeeen!

:puker: Dammit, had gone 6 hours without gagging as well. Arrse....
I see no problem with breast milk ice cream, As an alternative you could ask for a creme brulle made from the chest phlegm of a lung cancer suffering heavy smoker.....or a nice fat free yoghurt made from arab spunk.
I think I will pass on this one and I love ice cream on all manner of things!!

Breast ice cream pleeease I'd rather eat soya ice cream and that's gross

I cant see myself with a couple of scoops of that; I'd feel a tit.

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