Anyone for ATR Lichfield 10 September

Alright guys. Im due to start my phase 1 for the Sappers at Lichfield on the 10 Sept :D . Wondered if anyone else is going. I hear they ask you to take a load of stuff you don't need, so if anyones got any tips on what you don't need to take that would be wicked.
Take everything on the kitlist you are issued. Its not worth the risk annoying your DS. They'll just think you're a smart arrse from day one, you dont want that! Personnally I found I needed everything on the kitlist.
I've said the same on a similar thread but dont no how to include a link due to bone IT skills!
good luck.


im hoping to get on to this intake but have not had a call from my recruter. when did you pass your selection?
after 15 years i still say...PACK WHATS ON YOUR KIT LIST!!!!

Your DS will think your a complete drongo if anything is missing and will be on you like an effing rash from day 1.. you will be the bitch.

Get that new pad lock, boot polish an brushes, Good steam Iron. All new polish,washing an shaving kit. 1 for inspection-1 for using. A proper pair of running trainers. Mark everything with a black permenant marker pen, even your bloody boot brushes, iron, coat hangers the lot! dont take valuble items such as gold chains and all the fuĀ£king bling, you wont need em and some gypo will nick em.

Start reading up on your Regimental History etc I used to allow the recruits to buy them selves an extra pair of boots for Parades etc so they are allways bulled up.
Keep your head down, if you dont know or dont understand dont be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS! nothing worse than a DS telling you to do something then you lot not knowing what to do! do as your told, dont moan, work hard..Breeze through! anything else?
I went on selection to Pirbright on the 24/25 of January. I was told the same as you that my recruiter would give me a call but they didn't. Two weeks went by but then I call the careers office and ended up going down there to sort out a date. But you should get a later and joining instructions before you go. What are you going in as?
Had you got any idea how long after I finish all my training before I will able to do the all arms commando course of p-company.
re0790 said:
Had you got any idea how long after I finish all my training before I will able to do the all arms commando course of p-company.
Unless you are joining Para Reg or RM forget about them courses for the time being!
May well be that you arent able to get on either course for years, this is because you are joining the Army and the Army are rather busy with op's at the minute. Get training out of the way, get to your unit and then look at AACC and P Coy and see if they are still what you want to do.
Before I joined the Army I joined the Bootnecks and passed my PRMC but I didn't start my training because I decided to get a job with a trade. But now I going in as an Armoured Engineer.
lichfield what a place your gonna have some good times round the quary there and concrete hill, relish it
i passed out on the 7th june, its a good laugh mate, keep your head down try hard and make sure you dont get backtrooped and end up in falklands for a bit
Armoured Engineer? You join the RE's. You become first a combat engineer, bridges, mine clearence etc then a in Bricki, Vehicles, etc...If I were you....I would have joined the RE's first of all...You will get a good load of qualifications.
I was told that I could do Armoured Engineer for 3-5 years then it would be possible to select another trade (bricki, field engineer etc) and then do my all arms commando course. I this right?
i will be there for about 2 weeks ;-) i have come to terms with working on a bank hoilday monday!

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