Anyone feel like an Indian?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Shocking..
  2. look at the tash on that!!
  3. Cheaper than a kebab at the end of the night!
  4. Where do you buy your kebabs?
    £600 is a lot for a doner,though you do get to keep the girl for as long as you like. I suppose you could leave her on a wall as you get the last bus if you really wanted
  5. Sad and pathetic are words that come to mind.
  6. No I was thinking more of the bargain basement section mate.

    Mind you HIV is rife over there moslty spread by truck drivers using these or bumming each other of the side of the roads
  7. Yeah but thats why virgins go for so much, nonce heaven.
  8. wll I have two weeks left in country and 2 days spare, guess where I a going on my 2 days R n Blah
  9. wll I have two weeks left in country and 2 days spare, guess where I a going on my 2 days R n Blah...

    However I better stop there just incase I ge nabbed on the way back into the UK. I have study and working hard, I have a note from my mum proving she was with me all the time.!! whilst i was studying hard to get my till operator qual's for gregs pie shop
  10. what's up with her c0ck????

  11. I couldn't describe you better to be honest.

    Oh hang on, sad and pathetic and a provo supporting walting cunt
  12. Actually India is a sad place, been her six weeks and i am all indian'd out, sort of have a cabin fever disease.

    Its not a fun place, poverty, heat, over crowding, extreme poverty, begging. young kids begging.. Its not good..dont come here if you dont have a strong stomach and dont give money to the beggers/kids. they will stalk you!
  13. I'll raise i to 700...

    Let the bidding begin :D
  14. Aye but the beers cheap and nice weather