Anyone fancy playing in a Charity football match in Scunthorpe on Sunday 15th May?

The Brigg branch of the RBL will be playing in a Charity football match against a local over 35s team on Sunday 15th May. We are hoping to hold the match at Quibell Park.

We played the younger side from the same pub (The Beacon) last year and were soundly thrashed!!! I think our team name of Legion Lethargics just about summed up our performance. Many of us were playing for the first time in over 10 years and were a tad of the pace

The proceeds from the first game went towards purchasing a new Standard for our Branch. The funds from this game will be going towards H4H in the name of Cfn Anthony Lombardi who was Killed In Action in 2009. Anthony had close ties with The Beacon and the landlord is a dedicated supporter of Forces Charities.

It's fair to say the game will probably be fairly robust!!!

I'm looking for proper players as we have enough donkeys (ie me). Everyone will get at least a half.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

Friday night bump!
Good man. Best keep a beady eye on the bottle as the pub makes The Jockey look sophisticated!!!
Sunday morning bump.
I'll drive over from hull but I'm no good at football and I would want half a pepsi rather than a pint

Make sure your innoculations are up to date! Please bring a phrase book as well.
If you're only a visitor there's a good chance we will be able to understand you then! ; )
Back to phrase books and subtitles then! Hope to see you there. Kick off should be @ 1430 hrs but will confirm soonest.
Pardon????? ; )
An Easter bump.
Last appeal for players, spectators/hecklers more than welcome.
C'mon Lethargics! *cough, wheeze, splutter!*
Well we had a keeper who'd never played football before, a guy who broke his hip and we only lost 7-3! Result!
Shit, shit, shit! I completely forgot all about this! Bugger, so sorry Twit. I've had problems with the internet for the last few days and haven't been getting messages and posts.
Next year!!!!!!

No probs MiT, we might be playing them again on 18th Sept.