Anyone fancy moving to Mars? Mars One

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. It seems that a private company is planning on establishing a permanent colony on Mars in 2023. They're marketing it as a media event, which if the project comes to fruition, it certainly will be. Personally I think that there's a good chance that both financial and technical issues will kill the idea stone dead long before 2023, but you never know.

    If it does ever get off the ground, there's going to be major logistical issues, as well as the fact that any colonists will be facing a major case of cabin fever..... Being one of the first humans to colonise (or to die horribly on) another planet could be interesting though.

    So if you fancy being one of the first humans to live on another planet, take a look on this site: Home - Mars One
  3. Will this be 'one way'.

    It would be like days of old, when people set sail over the horizon not knowing if they find their goal, plant an English flag on it or gaze upon Britians fair shores again!

    Technically, it is eminently possible... financially. Maybe not.

    I'd build a whopping big space station in orbit of Earth, using rockets to take the parts up there. Once assembled, a quick blast of the retro thrusters would send this 'Space Leviathon' off in to space to Mars.

    Only one piece of music would be allowed for the trip out (War of the worlds, the chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one they said), and Pitch Black and Alien trilogy (fourolgy now?) to watch... maybe Dark Star.

    Once there, space ISOs could be parachuted down, to form a building as seen on Wrath of Khan. Quickly covered in sand.

    The 'Space Leviathon' would stay in Mars Orbit, pref manned, iot to facilitate evacuation if neccesary.

    I'd probably want to test Lunar Living on the Moon first mind... talk about one small step.
  4. Yep, it's a way trip. Here is their promo video:
  5. Have they not seen Total Recall?!?!
  6. of course it will be financially possible. !!

    very low wage 3rd world workers mining ores ... be like America pre 1849... and look how quick the frontier dissapeared.. offically closed 1890. Mars will be chinese/african. It will be easy for capital to control labour.. just turn off the air in the mines.. Its a corporations dream !!
  7. No internet = no porn.

    **** that for a game of soldiers.
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  8. give it 40 years and you will have prossies with 3 tits.
  9. If I had two cocks it'd be lush as well.
  10. Africans on Mars?

    They'll feel at home then, no rain there either!
    Will they take Mossies with them, will someone open up a 'Sportsmans Bar'
    How far will the rounds travel when we live fire on Ex. Mars Prix?
    Will there be a BMH with Nurses and a Bus?
    Will PA get there before everybody else?

    I can see it now 'Donate £2 a month and ensure that each African Colonist Family
    has a 48 legged Goat, with your Donation we can also export millions of flies, the
    Kids are missing them terribly'

    Mars? I'd rather go to Cleethorpes.
  11. In an attempt to reduce costs, I can supply my own vango tent and trangia cooker, might be knackered for a supply of meths tho as I'd of probably drunk it all before leaving earth's orbit.
  12. Can one use one's Bus Pass if one goes after 0930?
  13. Well now they have closed RAF Macrahanish, it could be the new 'man in the iron mask' posting for those caught shagging the Cols wife/daughter/labrador etc.

    Actually, this is a scam. There is no financial gain to colonizing or mining mars. It's utter nonsense.

    What may be viable is an autonomous drones mining resources and autonomous shuttles sending it back to earth. But even a few humans up there for troubleshooting would probably wipe out any profits.
  14. There is going to be some stiff competition from this lot, perhaps they should join forces and sort it out between them?

  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    As Mr Clarkson would say " love those crashee dutch"!