Anyone fancy living (buying a house) in Bovington, Dorset?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bovvy, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. I never thought I'd want to leave Bovington, ever.
    However, over the past 8 months, I've found that I miss my daughter and granddaughter terribly.
    I've finally decided that I really do need to live nearer to them, in Aldershot, so that I can be a proper grandma and help out.

    Having made this decision, there is a difficulty for me:
    with the realistic price of my house now being only around £155k, the idea of handing over nearly £4,000 (2% + VAT) to an estate agent sticks in my throat.

    So, before engaging an estate agent, I thought I'd try here.

    My house is a solid 1950's ex MoD house. It has good sized rooms: 2 double bedrooms, reception, good sized kitchen and bathroom. There is a good sized garden (on three sides) and it is not overlooked. The large sitting room window looks out to a huge expanse of sky over gardens and the car park, with the nearest house in the distance. I have wonderful neighbours, who are there if one needs them, but don't intrude.

    Or is there anyone else, in a similar position, in Aldershot, who might fancy a swap?

  2. Hi Bovvy, could you IM me more details please
  3. bovvy,

    I take it that you want to do a straight swap, or are you prepared to put some more cash into the deal?

    The problem being that the only thing you'll find in Aldershot for £155k is a flat.

    To get the same sort of building as you have now will cost you in the region of another £100k.
  4. Thank you portshort,

    I wouldn't be able to put much more cash in.

    There are a few houses available in Aldershot in that price range (house prices have really plummeted here and there):

    And civi-in-green,

    I've sent you a PM.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I would live in Dorset tomorrow if the house was the right size! Needs to be a 4 bed at least and preferrably with no neighbours!
  6. Before I moved here, I was looking for land in "the wilds" to do a self-build log cabin, but it never worked out. (I think we've bumped into each other on a thread on the subject.) But I've enjoyed Bovington.
  7. In the interest of providing information, here's a copy of what I put in a PM:

    "As to asking price, when I had some estate agents out to do a valuation, 3 of them said things like "put it on the market at 169,950 or 165,000 and I should get between 160k and 165k". But one estate agent suggested "offers in excess of 155k". Values have dropped. A house similar to mine is (or was a couple of weeks ago) at an asking price of 181k. This is now totally unrealistic. So I guess £155k is realistic."