Anyone fancy a pint

Any one fancy a pint?

Tell her what you want e.g. pint but, once that novelty wears off - there are a few hidden commands....

"Sword fight", "Pillow Fight", "eat a banana", "kiss another girl", "take off your shirt", "pour beer on yourself", "show me your ass", "hummer", "cowgirl", oh and "Suck my plums"

Hours of amusment!
Needs Broadband or faster.
This link goes to KegWorks.Com.... there doesn't appear to be anything there that matches what you describe.

Although there are some funky drinking gizmo's........

Now THAT works......

hmmmmm.... :twisted:
I asked her to hack off her own tit and hurl it at a passer by and she stood there dumb.

I typed in 'piss yer pants' and again nothing...

Kiss another girl works though :D
She did the splits and wiggled her t1ts - which is Ok.

But not much of a bar wench. I wanted a pint, a pickled egg, a packet of cheese'n'onion crisps and a packet of pork scratchings but she just stood there with a stupid grin on her face. :( :(
She was alright to begin with, served me beers for hours. But she's just like the rest.

As soon as I broke the cig machine and started crying at the bar about my sexual dysfunction, she called the police, the rotter.

Can you imagine the array of commands you could give to a "Virtual Squaddie Barfly".

"Pretend your going to the cinema at Saturday lunchtime, then stay in the pub all day on the flimsy pretext that the film probably wasn't very good"

"Drink another beer (Press CTRL Y to repeat)"

"Show disinterested local girls your tattoo"

"Start fight with person you have no chance of beating"

There must be millions :lol: :lol: :lol:

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