Anyone fancy a night in?

Alright lads, A Bridge Too Far is on telly, I've got a case of Stella and no one to share it with! Anyone fancy coming round?!

where have you been all my life!
none of this route to a mans heart is through his stomach crap!
you know the true way; war on the telly, wife beater cooling in the fridge and a lady who will provide both and a sofa to explore with company after for an inspired 'company attack'!

I'll provide the stella and nibbles,
you provide the sofa and the conflict?
:mrgreen: :roll:
Grumblin_subalten said:
you provide the sofa and the conflict?
Sounds like marriage, think I’ll pass thanks
No GS conflict also involves a no mans land, a total break down in communications, sporadic out breaks of fighting, the stealing of ground, neither side relenting, the taking of.............
oh wait I see what you mean, sounds just like marriage! 8O
Sorry BBCakes, I was just suggesting that with Gunny pimping himself on the net for all and sundry he can’t say yes to one and no to another.

It’s like giving clothes to charity and the recipients saying no thanks they don’t like the style.

Beggars can’t be choosers. Nothing crude directed towards you
Oh that's nice....:)
Sorry if I chewed your ear,
It just looked like the Whipping boys,
But we've taken the fight to the battle zone.
Am possibly about to be annihilated....:roll:
BBC, get off the Lonely Hearts forum. Your single, with kids and saggy nips. You'll be forever..... on....... your own........... tough shiit mate, but take it on the chin. :twisted:
I heard she loves it trickling down the chin :D

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