Anyone fancy a hair cut, topless barbers in Norwich

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. You will have to be quick as it seems the killjoys have got the cutthroats out for the project, and no I couldn't find piccies.

    Topless Barbers
  2. Gary Thomson, the man who thinks its a 'ludicrus idea' is clearly camper than right said fred dancing on a doilly. Who cares what he thinks,

    All for this idea in these troubled times, capitalism at its best, supply and demand brothers, as long as everyone is consenting then whats the issue.

    On another note this is in Norfolk, can they hold two sets of scissors between there 12 fingers?
  3. Who'd want a woman with a hairy chest? :omfg:
  4. No but the women have 3 tits.
  5. Three tits, 12 fingers, they haven't got 2 'front bottoms' have they, Fucking hell they sound like a barrel of laugh, where did i put the car keys??????????
  6. Just brought back happy memories of one of my best groomed periods ever! She was Welsh, gorgeous and had enormous tits and used to cut my hair. She always wore a thin top and never wore a bra. The ever-so gentle touch of a nipple on the ear or around my back are a sensation I still treasure to this day!
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  7. Sounds great!

    That twat that's moaning about it is probably pissed off because he didn't think of it first.
  8. Health and Safety will stop it. You could get a poke in the eye with a sharp nipple.....if you're really lucky
  9. Pointless article, there's no pictures.
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  10. Especially if they keep the temperature low, and you rub them lightly with Ice cubes.
  11. I think's it's a great idea, and as I work a mear 2 minute walk away I shall be getting my hair washed and cut on a regular basis.

    As my boss is a pervert, there's a good chance I can get it on expenses too.

    Happy days!

  12. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I often feel quite restricted wearing those gowns in barbers so think that to sit there topless whilst getting my hair cut is a wonderful idea.
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  13. I have a topless haircut most months. When I say topless ,I mean she doesn't bother cutting the bald patch, maybe a little buff over with a soft cloth.