Anyone fancy a bit of firefighting in Scotland

Bunch of girls. They are meant to be in the fire service, giving out advice at large events is part of their remit. To me it smells of one stupid homophobic git causing a fuss and the rest have just followed his lead to get an easy way out.
Why exactly do they need to give out fire prevention advice at a Gay Pride rally to begin with?

Are they worried that the nights resultant bum friction will cause an incendiary episode? 8O
It it was just handing out leaflets at a "community event" then they should get on and do it.

If it involved in marching in a "gay propaganda" event then thery should have every right to refuse to take part. No one should be forced to pretent that they approve of any socio-political cause if they do not in fact do so.

At no point has it been suggested that by being unwilling to take part in a "gay propaganda" event these firemen (or is it persons these days) would be unwilling to rescue gays from fires just like they would anyone else.
You have to remember however Inf/MP that as a servant of the public, you are expected to have the ability to separate your personal views from those of your profession. It is the same in the armed forces, and if you are indeed an MP you especially should know this. We may not always agree with a command we are given, but we have signed the line that says we will do it any way. This rule applies to anyone representing thier workplace, and especially those who deal with saving lives and preventing death!

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