Anyone familiar with the context of this video?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by commission_impossible, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Something that's just popped up on Facebook.

    Taken at face value it looks like plod losing track of their senses and doing something Orwell would have thought was a bit much - which isn't something I'd put past them these days - but it does seem pretty unlikely.

    Has anyone seen anything about why she was arrested? It can't just have been for carrying the flag surely.
  2. No idea; it does seem a bit steep for 'just carrying a flag', but as you say, what is the context - we don't know what she may or may not have been saying to accompany the flag carrying. Sadly, YouTube is not the place for rational debate:

    "total disgrace this britain since when is it illegall to carry the union flag who next the queen NFS"

    Yes, that's right the next logical​ step is to arrest the Queen.
  3. Many 'sources', when googled, say that a moslem pedestrian was offended by it.

    What offends ME more is seeing the guardians of the peace drag the flag in the dirt of the street.

    Now THAT's offensive!

    tac, proudly almost 1/4th English
  4. Happened on Union Street in Oldhamistan on Saturday afternoon.TAU involved,surely a quiet word would have done the trick (with the Asian men) telling them not to be so sensitive it is the Countries flag.
  5. What's the TAU?
  6. I would have advised them to **** off back to a country that has a flag more to their liking.

    Try insulting the flag of THEIR shithole country in Main Street Islamabad and see how far you get. The pleece there are far more likely to beat the almighty shit out of your sorry ass and jail you for insulting the entire nation. Mind you, they also have a disconcerting habit of shooting folks dead for what seems to be no reason.

    So you might get saved a jail sentence after all.

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  7. Tactical Aid Unit,used in riot situations and public disorder.
  8. Dopey Flag Carrier should have asked if he/she was being arrested and if so charged with what? carrying your National Flag is NOT an offence nor even civil disobedience, I wonder if he/she was cautioned? Plod may have goofed here I reckon.

    Awaits outcome.
  9. Maybe the asian guy was complaining at the quality of person presuming to bear our country's great colours.
  10. Arrest them all, how dare they carry a flag!!!::pale:

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  11. One bloke seems to be in handcuffs. Does that mean anything?
    If someone was arrested I doubt it was BECAUSE they were carrying a flag, more likely because:
    They took a Union Flag in to town with the intention of antagonizing others,
    Someone was antagonized, possibly following words being exchanged,
    Police called lest things get out of hand,
    Someone says something stupid in the heat of the moment,
    Police action guaranteed.
    Stupid is as stupid does.
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  12. Ok, how can you antagonise people using the national flag of the country you are in?
  13. 35444_393396230756362_1593946472_a.jpg

    That should do the trick.
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