Anyone ever worry they're a bit of a paedo?

Now before the outrage bus arrives I'm not talking about full on sex beasting of 7 year old boys Robert Black style, nor even Nabokovian style noncing of Lolitaesque nymphs, but the older I get the more I'm starting to fancy young girls. I mean when I was 18/19 all my mates were out in their cars shagging year 11s and lower sixth formers and I was totally against it, preferring slightly older birds, but 5 years down the line I can't get enough of these young filths on X factor etc.

The KFC conveniently sits opposite the street that funnels the two major comprehensive schools' main body of students out into the city centre after school ends, and many an enjoyable afternoon has been spent there recently, licking the grease and beans from my fingers, leering at all the barely-legal fitties as they strut past in their school uniforms.
Oh lord.

I also wonder how it is possible for the need to lick beans off you fingers. Do you often get beans sticking to your fingers?
Asking yourself questions like this is a fairly clear sign that you've gone over to the nonce side. You should probably delete your browsing history and sterilise yourself by giving your taters a good, hard whack with a 4lb lump hammer just to be sure. You dirty fucking child-toucher.


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It just screams 'pervert', dunnit?
Aye but not quite as much as dipping your fingers into a tin of beans and wondering the streets looking for school kids to lick the beans off.

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Mate of mine arrived in the UK after a long absence and as we wandered from a large curry lunch in Wimbledon to the nearest pub we passed a gaggle of what I think what 14-16 year old school girls in uniform - my mate wanted to know why they were all dressing like hookers....

I had to explain that it was to balance things out a bit since hookers now dressed as schoolgirls...


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No. I find children whiny and annoying. I try to avoid the little fuckers at any and all opportunities. I would not wish to engage one in Social Discourse let alone Sexual Intercourse. Once they hit University they become less annoying providing they don't go into student politics.
Any man who has ever driven past a school at knocking on/off time and seen the long legs shown off by short skirts and knee high socks, budding breasts encased in crisp white blouses, long hair and pert arses in tight skirts and not wanted to fuck at least one of them is a liar or gay.

They get even hotter when they get to secondary school too.
Teenage girls were fucking tedious when I was a teenager so why would I be interested in them now? I'm with the MILF crowd, they know what they want, don't muck you about and know full well you have no interest in the X-factor or any other reality bollocks.
I have been a firm believer that upper teen girls (18/19) are great for eye candy but nowt more ... They are still going to be massively immature and all in all not worth the hassle..

I prefer the slightly older than me lass(i'm 25) and MILFs always seem to know what they want and, as above, muck you around much less!

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