anyone ever transferred from REME to infantry before?

Has anybody served in the REME and got extremely dissillusioned with the complete lack of camaraderie and that non-existent feeling of actually belonging to anything you can be proud of or loyal to? Getting posted and shunted around all the time like a 'temp' from some agency I never really feel like im part of whatever unit im in and cant see the point in forming any kind of lasting friendship with the blokes cos ill be off within a few months while they all get prepared to go on another tour togther.
I would love it if all was changed and REME bods could actually be part of the batallion/ regiment/ whatever they are serving with and stay there for their entire careers if they wished, forming tight knit crews and actually having a t-shirt with a logo on that they all wear and respect, not just another rubbish workshop t-shirt some fat full screw has thought up and is about as relevant as tits on bergen. That feeling of exclusion is the worst part of being in the REME. Feels to me like you're just on the sidelines, not part of anything in particular,not really, nothing to be loyal to. Just a bloke in green rig with no real place to be, never has a chance to put any roots down and is separated off and mixed in with a load of other blokes in the REME who never really care about anything ive just said, just want to finish their 22 and bugger off to civvy st and put their feet up.
REME. What an utterly boll***s way of running a corp! Why bother wearing rig? we might as well be school kids on work experience for all the feeling of belonging. And who the f*** would ever want to be loyal to the REME anyway? Its not like you'd ever want to get a tatoo on your arm of a horse with a lightning bolt flying out of its ar**. Time for me to transfer i think. Anyone?
Words fail me. If you get that feeling in REME think how you'll feel when you end up in a unit where you don't make mates, because it's you, and are stuck with the same bods for 22 years. I've never read such a load of crap since I've joined ARRSE.
Do one spanners. Get some balls and get out or transfer. Whining on an internet forum! You big bairn.


Why would you want to transfer to the infantry?

Ever thought the reason why you don't make mates is because of you? I've got a few mates in the REME and other corps that get posted every couple of years and they all make friends and can find reasons to be proud and loyal to their regiments?
Mate, I can sympathise with you to a certain extent because I used to hate getting posted away from the environment I'd grown used to. But the old cliche is actually true - a posting is what you make of it. As someone else said, try taking up a Regi sport or, failing that, at least never turning down the opportunity to go on the piss with your new muckers for the first couple of months. Or go to Church.
From an Infantry perspective: Something made you join REME in the first place be it a good trade, excellent promotion prospects, good pay or whatever.

I love the Infantry, and I would not change it for the world, however you have the privilege of a posting every two years or so, and the old saying is true a change is as good as a rest, In the Infantry you may do a 22 year tour and rarely leave the battalion (which may suit some but not others).

The Infantry certainly take the headlines when there are headlines to be made, however what you don’t see is the sitting in holes in the ground in the pissing rain, stagging on "day on stay on" etc etc.

I have often came across individuals who have a desire to transfer, but I would have to ask, have you asked yourself truly why? It can be a fulfilling and unbeatable career choice but can equally be the polar opposite in Siht. You have to take the rough with the smooth and by the sounds of things that is a skill you have yet to learn.
threaders_vm said:
Do one spanners. Get some balls and get out or transfer. Whining on an internet forum! You big bairn.
Thought thats what forums were for.?. getting it all off your chest and getting some feedback?.. obviously bothers you if someone actually says exactly how they feel in more than 5 words. Nice bit of advice anyway. Stop whining, get out or transfer. exactly what id expect i suppose and im grateful for your opinion. Cant see many other options other than those three strangely.
Not all blokes in the army are old sweats who couldnt give a Sh** about anything and there's plenty of people who would like to see things change. If nobody whinged nothing would change. suppose that suits anyone whos got their comfortable niche and their head in the sand.
If you feel things are that bad then change jobs/capbadge. I went the other way, did a few years in the Inf then went REME and to be honest its the best thing i ever did. Had some great postings to Inf and Armd and have always been treated well. To be honest my best times were as a fullscrew in those fitter sections.

Excuse me while i stick my head back in the sand. :p
I know a guy who did a few years in the REME and transferred over as a Cpl SAA / PTI into the RHF. He's now a WO2 CSM. English, but still happy in a Jock Regt.
As long as you end up happy, does it matter where you go??? That old bolx from the careers office about being able to transfer once you are in is old hat now!

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