Anyone ever joined rmp from civilian police

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by martin7606, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Out of interest, I was wondering if joining the RMP from a civilian police force was relatively common? I'm a serving officer, and haven't heard of it myself, but the Police Service is a large organisation.
    I though that some members may have encountered this...
  2. I know of a couple.

  3. I served 1979-84 in RMP, when I was in training there was an ex-Sussex PC in my intake. He was eventually commissioned into RAOC, later RLC. Also met a few years ago in my present job an ex-Met PC who quit to join the Paras for 3 yrs. 8O
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    There was chap in my TA unit who was ex regular RLC joined civ bill got to Sgt and has now rejoined the Army in RMP he is a Coy 2ic at the moment.

    There is also a Lt Col RMP who is ex Civ Bill so it does happen.
  5. I know of one or two, there was a girl in my section that had been in the old bill, think she regretted the move but she was good assett to the section with her knowledge and people skills.
  6. There was a period in the late eighties when RMP advertised in 'Police Review'. 'Transferees', although this term was not strictly accurate, (they still had to do recruit training), were promoted to Class 1 Corporal on posting to their first unit.

    There were two such ex coppers in my squad. You don't make clear whether your interest is purely borne out of curiosity, or whether your interested. Academic really, because a similar scheme does not exist today.
  7. I know of one who is currently serving with the SIB in Germany and he does not seem to have any regrets about it.
  8. At least half a dozen to my knowledge, but again going back to the 80's and most ended up SIB.
    Certainly then it was not unheard of, but I think most of the traffic is going the other way these days. (Dunno why though)
  9. Cheers for the quick and informative responses.

    To clarify, as a police authorised firearms officer, I've found it hard (close to impossible) to ascertain the training, qualifications and experience I would like, in my current and previous force. I am still within the relevant age limit and considering re-enlisting into the mob, in particular the rmp. Obvious drama being the wife, kid and drop in money! Plus the fact that I'll have to sit through phase two, when I anticipate having as much relevant policing experience as many of DS. Not meant to sound big-time-ish, it's just that sometimes I don't fancy having the definition of theft dictated to me!
  10. Without trying to sound offensive, if one of our lot came over to civpol and his/her attitude was similar to yours ' it's just that sometimes I don't fancy having the definition of theft dictated to me' i'm sure it wouldn't be long before someone told them 'tough'. I have known several RMP who have joined civpol after years as RMP and like everyone else in training they had to suck it up. It is no different coming from the opposite direction.
    You don't say how long you have been in the job but even so there is a chance that when you get out to a unit you may find that there are those who are your senior who have less policing experience than you. Will you have a problem with that also?
    You have now tried 2 Forces and not found what you are looking for, can you be sure that after all the grief from your o/h, drop in pay, complete change of life, etc, you will find what you are looking for in RMP?
    As i said not trying to be offensive but perhaps you should re-examine your attitude and also what it is you are really wanting that is not being fulfilled as a civvie police officer. Or perhaps you should take a look at the option mentioned above and look into joining as an officer.
  11. No offense at all mate. I can see how that rocking up at any training college with a "been there done that" attitude wouldn't go down well. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it's not a nice prospect having to start at square one again, and it's a factor in my consideration. Cheers for the advice.

    Thanks for all the replies.
  12. Martin7606- You mention a big cut in pay, however, if you are worth your salt you would be a full Cpl within a couple of years earning 27K plus a year. This coupled with free medical/dental care and reduced rates for married quarters make it an attractive option. Also, you won't be giving 10% of your wages each month towards your pension. I also believe that your pension is transferable to the army one.
  13. Having just completed full RMP service, I am making the move the other way. The prospect of sitting in a Police College for 17 weeks and then two years probation does not fill me with glee either, but will of course knuckle down and keep my mouth firmly shut.

    There will be many differences, I suspect that the only thing that I will bring to my new job other than an understanding of the 'Theft' act, will be life experience. I also suspect that the two jobs are very different animals. That way I will be less surprised. Looking forward to it all the same.
  14. 3 of my colleagues are Ex RMP of varying lengths service, all top blokes, one now Armed Response- one en route to specialist drugs unit- one on a community team (although 'community' policing the way he does it is somewhat different)

    You'll be a wee bit bored in training school but there'll be enough civpol specific stuff to keep you interested. Im sure the Diversity phase will have you riveted. :roll:

    (having come from a squadron that had Ghanain,Sri Lankan,Jewish chap,canadian bhuddist, lots of Paddies, aussies, kiwis,Indians plus some cockneys & having grown up in a 'diverse' part of south London -diversity training wasnt really necessary)

    Im sure in a bit of a ruck your RMP service will help and some 'useful' life experience will be mose helpful!