Anyone ever hear of this crowd?


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Over a beer the other night.
Out of the blue the question 'Do you remember the crowd who used to run about with black spiders painted on their landrovers'?
'Maybe it was a scorpion'
'A black scorpion'?
'You remember them'?

Anybody got any ideas
I thank you
Nope, but then I'm the first to admit I'm not the fountain of all knowledge by a very long shot.


If my memory serves me right 8 Regt RCT's emblem was a black scorpion, but they where based in Germany (presumably now 8 Regt RLC).
8 Transport Regt RLC based in Munster Germany
58 Sqn RAF Regiment's badge was a black spider, and 3 Sqn's was a Scorpion. Probably be 3 as they were resident at Aldergrove for many years.