Anyone employ ex Forces with criminal records?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by GingeG, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Anyone know any companies that are wiling to give someone a chance after a short spell in Her Majestys Detention?

    Im open to all Legal employment. Overseas or UK based.
  2. I should have said Im looking for work withn the Security/CP/Int world. I will not be able to get the SIA licence though so needs to be abroad.
  3. Possibly abroad but be VERY careful. With the blot on your c.v. you are likely to be seen as someone open to a shafting on terms and conditions. Best of luck though.
  4. Thanks

    I will probably have to accept a shafting. No more than the Army did!! Bye Bye Pension etc.
  5. I guess one part of it depends on whether your conviction is 'spent' etc, although don't know how it would work if they wanted to see your regimental records or ask why you left the army (I'm guessing you were discharged after the motor cycle place).
  6. Ginge,

    I understood that your pension loss was the main reason you got out of prison. Didnt your brief use it as leverage to reduce your sentence to one that was suspended?

    That and of course, you have to serve 22 years to claim your pension prior to retirement age (State).

    Im not sure a job in security is going to be easy given your criminal record.
  7. Thanks to all who have offered advice through my PM.

    I have had some success with a few avenues so cheers.
  8. Ginge, I was courts martialled booted out and given a 9 month spell at one of her majesties fine penal institutions.

    You dont lose your pension

    and I now get paid a dirty great wadge of cash, not once has an employer asked why I left the Army

    obviously going into security/CP work with a 5 year fireams ban is gonna be difficult

    but not knowing your circumstances I dont see why your prison sentence is a worry to you, I know it was to me at first, but unless you want to work in the states or australia then it shouldnt be a problem.

    my conviction isnt spent year I think, I dont really know it just doesnt worry me anymore

    good luck to you mate whichever career path you chose
  9. Best thing is to start your own business, also people dont tend to ask why you left the army
  10. wasnt it just that which got Ginge in trouble in the first place! :D
  11. You could proabably circumvent the "why you left" bit if you knew anyone still serving who could write a reference. Most Civvie companies can't check why you were discharged and the Military Criminal Database is closed to CIVPOL so its hard to look up any military convictions. Short of you telling them, or it being a sensitive post that requires DVA clearances it shouldn't come up.

    As goes imigratation checks by foreign countires as they only have access to civ criminal databases.
  12. Bank robbers and any amount of scousers.
  13. But the sex offenders register will be open to everyone so I think he's sh!t out there.
  14. Superb, so i will be able to move to an area where I am more likely to be tampered with?
  15. Ginge G, if you are who i think you are, i heard some rumours as to why you served a "short spell" at her majesties pleasure, regardless of what i heard, i thought you were pretty decent and wish you the best of luck in the future.