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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by louis, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. think this summer has been a total load of shite in terms of weather?

    global warming?! what a fcuking let down

  2. This summer has been about as good as this thread,

  3. Well, yes it has, but could you jazz the thread up a bit with a tale of how you saw a mong falling over in Sainsbury's car park or summat?
  4. more like Glaobal Raining, on the uk mainly. Good for the ducks, shoite if you've got a motorbike.
  5. Yeah, the weather's been shite.

    On a more interesting note, I had explosive diarrhea today.
  6. Pebbledash or cocoa?

  7. ill swap you, ive not been able to shit for 3 days!!!! maybe a good hot vindaloo is the way forward
  8. I had diarhhea too, not explosive, it just fell out as soon as my arse finally unclinched. jesus I felt ill.
  9. I too had the squits today.

    I would like to publicly thank Burger King, Aldershot for helping me do a full prostate unload down the lav.
  10. pebbledash. christ know how but some of the splatter managed to reach above the level of my arse hole. I think it must have climbed up the sides in an attempt to escape.
  11. There are few pleasures in life that exceed that of a good dump, a quiet sit down while you contemplate your thoughts, unless it one of those that's difficult to get out, it's hard to think beautiful thoughts when you're straining.
  12. I too have suffered the effects of explosive diarrhea today. Mine was more of a brown rain though, nothing solid that I could see in the pan during post poop inspection.
  13. Mine came out with the consistancy of a hot Caramel Latte.
  14. This thread has inspired me to have explosive diarrhea over a fallen mong in Sainsbury's car park the next time it pisses down in the Summer. I'll go for one the consistency of slurry or fresh-mixed concrete (the squit, not the mong), slightly greeny-brown and with a sort of oil-slick effect on the surface.

    Three Big Macs, a lamb jalfrezi, a litre of apple juice and a pound of butter for the mong to slip on should do the trick.

  15. make sure you get some pictures