Anyone else worried?

Thats scary. They definatly look like live ball rounds. Will be bad if a WALT gets hold of them. I think this has been reported to ebay anyway.
Tartan_Terrier said:
Oh my God, it's good you reported him! Imagine what could hapen if someone got hold of some inert ammunition.
Isn't the point that the rounds _don't_ look as if they're inert?
Inert rounds, are fired cartridge cases + new bullets.

Drill rounds, which I'm sure you're thinking of, are often chrome plated fluted cartridge cases + bullets, with the fluting and hole for the primer painted red.

Inert rounds look like real ones, unless you look at the primer to see the indentation.
It might be just me but I thought that the inert rounds were the ones with silver cases and copper bullets?
You can get an entire belt of 7.62 rounds from my local Army/Navy store. Look real.They are fake.
Just because they are not silver in colour doesnt necessarily mean they are real.
Stop panicking!
booty_cadet said:
It might be just me but I thought that the inert rounds were the ones with silver cases and copper bullets?
No inert rounds look exactly the same as live rounds however inert rounds have had their percusion capped dented due to firing. They are then given freah ball tips to make them look the part. However that is besides the point. How would an armed policeman know that from a distance of 100m? If they saw a walt loading them into any type of replica fire arm they would drop them.

The magazines are also genuine and ebay would not allow them to be sold on their site.
Tartan Terrier you need help, you cant go round buying all these weapons.
What next garden twine for strangling people?
Hate to break it to you chaps, but it is perfectly legal for anyone to go into a gunsmiths and buy propellant, bullets, cases and primers. It's only when they're assembled that they become live rounds. So any yardie with a 9mm and a press has access to an unlimited supply of ammo.
The government are looking into putting primers onto an FAC, but haven't as of yet.
Also, the primers don't have to be indented to be used in inert ammo. We display MG42s with inert rounds with oil filled primers and with the propellant removed and holes drilled into the cases, under the links so as not to show. Well, it's better than leaving live ones lying around.
Obviously it would look to all intents like a live MG ready to go, which is kind of the point, but we tend not to take them with us when we visit the local bank.
Frankly, if anyone was to wave a repro or real firearm and any kind of ammo around in front of SO19, then they would be fully deserving of their Darwin award.
The item has been removed for breaching ebays policy on fire arms due to there being a BFA and magazine being displayed. Also the seller stated that it would be easy to remove the restricter within the magazine.

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