Anyone else watching the parade?

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Anyone know what reference to our war dead a combine harvester and big stuffed dog on a lorry makes?
This has me off, what the hell has an owl on a bike got to do with the price of fish?
It's disgusting and it really shocked me. They are even playing the Last Post to a lively beat while some people climb a tower made of buns FFS. This is the most disrespectful thing they could possibly do.

They're calling it the Lord Mayor's Parade. Some seriously angry letter writing heading they're way.

For those that can't see it, they had an act of remembrance at the cenotaph. After which the band of the Grenadier guards struck up, followed by a det from HMS Illustrious. I was expecting a small parade of veterans and uniformed groups as will happen tomorrow. Instead they were followed by some guys dressed as lions and people dancing in a carnival atmosphere.

Has this ever happened before? this is the first time I've not been busy.



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This is NOT a Rememberance Parade. This is the Lord Mayor of London's Parade. It happens every year and is a great fundraiser and awareness raiser for charities. It happens on the Saturday before Rememberance Day and this year that just happens to be 11/11. It kicked off at 11 am so there was a solomn act of rememberance prior to the parade marching off.

There is always a strong Reservce Forces element in this parade and is a good showcase for them.

So, please don't take this parade in the wrong way - but please do enjoy the spectacle.
I was under the impression that it was a rememberance parade, even if it is a awareness-raiser surely a more somber atmosphere could be adopted, seeing as the parade started as soon as the silence was finished.
Two minutes of reflection for 2hours of stuffed lorry dogs and cnuts in owl suits on bikes?
I realise it's not a remembrance parade, it's just the transition from remembrance to acrobats was really appauling.
Been going on every year since the 13th Century (apparently) :D
It's a great event, and if you get a chance to take part do.
Lets not knock it, its a festival and parade not an act of Remembrance. That said some of the drill's been a bit poor and I'll be having words with a certain Subby I know :roll: .
Guys, some of you totally misunderstand what this is.

The parade happens every year to welcome the new Lord Mayor to the City of London, and has been mentioned, has taken place since C12th.

All of the London Regiments are involved, and several Arrses are on Parade or on duty.

For those of you who are concerned, most of the City Remembrance services took place yesterday, and the whole of The LMP was rescheduled to take the 2 minutes silence into account.

Members of Arrse are on duty today with HAC, RNR, FANY and some in a civvy capacity.

The parade promotes the connection of the City with the Armed Services
and this can only be for the good.

Please do not rant about this, but instead take the time to find out what it is about and enjoy it for what it is.
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