Anyone else threaders with hearing about Syria...?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. I, for one, are sick to the back teeth of hearing about Syria and the Arab ******* Spring.

    Can't the news channels move on with somthing more interesting, like anything to do with the current situation at home, for instance.
  2. Would you prefer the BBC would make the claim/report that the Indian man that got shot dead was mistaken for a pakistani because your average dumb youth can't tell the difference !!!

    In all honesty do you also think that the BBC would actually highlight the similarities between Daffy Duck and Assad of how citizens were killed and where Mr Hague made a point of highlighting a death of a 13yr old kid in Parliment when not one member of the house asked why we are in Libya on the basis of defending / helping Libyans when the exact ******* same carnage was also happening in Syria .
  3. Genocide is worthy of media reporting IMO.

    You could always turn over?
  4. More interesting? ...... What, like the recession :?

    British News specialises in doom and gloom.

    Fact ...... You would get more joy watching a good adult porn film! :)

    All Journalists are merchants of misery.... Some are even phone hacking masters.

    Who is rifling through your bins tonight?
  5. Well to be fair, if no-one's going to do anything about it, i'm not sure seeing it on the news every night has much of a point. My 2p.

  6. Why? Does anyone give a shit that people are killing each other?
  7. I quite like watching Arabs kill other Arabs. It's a shame the footage isn't better. I'd pay-per-view that shit.
  8. Over use of a misunderstood is hardly Genocide, it is fecking nasty but it is nowhere near being on the scale of Bosnia, Rwanada etc. Emotive language is partly the reason why people become de-sensitised to shit like this, more so when people apply the term Genocide to the deaths of a few thousand individuals.
  9. I will pay you to set yourself on fire
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  10. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid that I do find it all interesting. The activities in the area are interconnected to a remarkable degree. I think it fair to say that our interests are in play and the final outcome is likely to be important.
  11. What interests?
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Oil! Syria may not have it but they can affect those countries that do. There is also the small matter of world stability, trade and oil.

    The Arab world is very interconnected as is the wider world. We are affected by having loons like Assad in charge generating instability in that region. We're also likely to be affected by instability in Syria.

    Stability and democracy in the Middle East are in our interest.
  13. I think it's not at all certain that the two go hand in hand. Democratically elected governments in the PA haven't exactly brought peace and stability to the region.

    Personally, I'm quite happy that the news keeps me informed on major events in strategically-crucial parts of the world. It's what I believe my licence fee to be for - to inform and educate as well as to entertain.
  14. Syria has been merrily murdering its own people for years
    Syria: Bloody Challenge to Assad - TIME
    And we didnt give a shit, it didnt seem to affect oil, trade or stability. Has it taken 40 years for us to suddenly realise he (and his dad) were not very nice people?

    As to democracy, I see its all going well in Iraq. Who did those palestinians vote to run the Gaza strip?