Anyone else thankfull to chavs?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pidge, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Im off to recruit selection in the morning and i just want to say how thankfull i am to all the local chavs who hang around my local phonebox for giving me the absolute determination to succeed, ever since i have come home and started going on daily runs (previous job meant lots of time away in digs and whenever i came home i drove EVERYWHERE) my route takes me past these sad arrses and if they're in a group the snide comments i get acts like rocket fuel (strangely if there's only a couple of them they're quieter than church mice) if i thought my life would consist of standing in the rain, drinking cider and intimidating little kids and pensioners i think id top myself.

    Good luck to everyone else who's joining.
  2. Good luck to you too son. Sounds like you have your head screwed on.
  3. If you dont want your life to consist of standing in the rain, drinking and intimidating people may be you are making a mistake.
  4. Well said. Chavs are the lowest form of life there is. Even lower than dog crap. Good luck with you're training.
  5. Good luck mate enjoy yourself chav`s are the blight of this country!go with your instincts
  6. Getting paid for it, with a real chance of a full and successful career!

    Good luck chastity, with that attitude you will do well!

  7. The local Vicky Pollard gang provide an endless source of inspiration and motivation when I feel like not doing any training. Them and getting away from the mongs I work with.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Best of luck to you in your training. Very soon, if you pass basic, you'll be standing around in the rain and intimidating people wherever you go, and getting paid for holding a rifle whilst doing so. It's a whole new level! :)
  9. My father said to me when I was young, do something other than hanging around on street corners and join the army. I did and sure enough I hung arround on street corners only I was also armed.

    Best of luck with your new career.
  10. Good attitude you have there mate.
  11. Well Said Pidge..Good luck for tomorrow pal :thumleft: , Got mine tomorrow :D
  12. Good luck bud, hope you do all good and stuff mate.

    What a wonderful life they lead.. what is THEIR inspiration, SERIOUSLY!


    Scum of the earth
  13. I got "run forest, run!" once, had just run down to school, round playing fields then back up through village when some little shit said it.

    Stopped in my tracks as i needed to slow down anyway, told him to **** off and die. Said he was "just mucking about mate" then pissed off.

    To be honest mate your the one making a life for yourself, unlike the local pricks that hang round the co-op.
  14. Music on mp3 is normally too loud to hear these 'yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but sumfink or nuffink' types.
  15. Gotta love headphones!