Anyone else stuck in promotion limbo?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WindowSill, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    A couple of months ago I got promoted from LCpl to CPL ... Well ... 'Came off the board' ...

    Since then, I got posted to Blandford for my year long Class 1. I was hopeful that when I got to Blandford, that I would be wearing, and getting paid ... Oh, how naive I was ...

    For some unknown reason to anybody else in my position, we are not allowed to wear, or get paid for it, until we have finished our class 1. This means that we miss out on a years CPL pay, plus the 2 increments we would have got during this time (1 for a year in rank, and 1 for completing the class 1).

    I have heard rumours that we may get back-paid, but if that is the case, why not pay us now? The money is going to come out anyways ...

    It's made me regret ever coming on my Class 1, and feels as though we are being penalised for trying to further our careers.

    Further still, there are people coming in January, who are going to be in the same position! That would take it to about 18 months for some people out of pocket!

    Any thoughts on this subject would be great :D
    Merry Christmas everyone :D
  2. Oh **** off and dry your eyes princess. You whinge liked a Tom, be thankful you're a lance jack.
  3. I take it Blandford means your Royal Sigs? Its a possibility that for your trade you are required to be a B1 prior to wearing full screw? The old days of train then select have gone for the select then train option so you may find that you need to complete the course to actually wear? In addition you will have to complete at least Part 1 CLM to become substansive so in effect if you were wearing you would only be acting anyway.
    Cant speak with definate clarity as you are not my Corps however what would you prefer pass then wear or wear then fail and be de-selected?
    We have WO1's waiting to take up RSM slots that picked up over 12 months ago so believe me your not alone on waiting, just be glad you selected is my recommendation.
  5. So do your Class one and get promoted.
    I'll be honest though it used to be "Do your Class one to qualify as Sgt" I guess that changed when the SCLM changed.
  6. How exactly are you 'missing out' on Cpl's pay if you haven't actually been promoted?

    Are your Part 1 Orders published by Mystic Meg?
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nope, Sluggy is a civvy now.
  8. Yeah we don't get promoted out of class 1 anymore :/ ... Got my Cpl at my last unit ...

    Basically my main point is, is that if I didnt come onto my class 1, I would be at a new unit now, doing my CLM, and getting my extra pay. It's what I should have done ... And then put in for my class 1

    Thanks for the imput ... I think ...
  9. Don't buy a tele, don't buy a car, save all your money and PVR! Have you signed your 'golden handcuffs' yet?

    To put you out of your misery, have you comleted your JCLM? No? Then you can't be a sub-Cpl, only acting. If you are acting Cpl only then you are a 'SUBSTANSIVE LCPL'. And thus you are wearing a rank slide commesurate with your actual rank.

    If you were acting Cpl, chances are in 1 years time they'd be busting you to LCPl anyway, for not completing your JCLM.

    Now if you were actually worthy of that second tape, by now you'd have stopped sobbing, slammed your daps in in front your Tp SSgt and requested clarification as to the rules for you, and your bezzas.

    He would probably give the RCMO a quick bell/email and find out what the craic is. Because the reasons aren't 'unknown', you just can't be arrsed to find out.

    Chances are, on completion of your Class 1 you'll be loaded on to your CLM and you will wear your tapes with pride, you may or may not get back dated to the start of your promotion year/course. I don't know, or care.

    Stop bleating about how you should have stayed in your unit, you're on a class 1 it isn't penalising you in anyway.

    How long did you have between starting your Class 1 and coming off hte board? Could you have squeezed in a JCLM perhaps?
  10. The R Signals have done you a favour in not promoting you prior to class 1, you may or may not be aware that APC Glasgow are clamping down on the 12 months to complete CLM after promotion rule. So much so that approx 180 Cpls and Sgts are going to be having a rather unpleasant Christmas period starting 14 Dec. If you had been promoted prior to your course you would be looking at reverting to Sub rank next week. Be thankful you are still selected and (presumably) recommended.
  11. Be nice if they could revert ALL the sgts back to cpl if they haven't passed CLM, including the log jam that is the "grandad rights" dead wood.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You have not been promoted - indeed you answer your own question. The Board has SELECTED you for promotion. This will be on the basis that you (a) remain recommended and (b) are qualified. The promotion comes when you are qualified. This is common on NCO promotion boards, on the basis that it is assumed that you will pick up the necessary qualification (or are in the process of getting it) before the next Board. If Class 1 is necessary to qualify you for promotion, and you dont get it this year, you will almost certainly be de-selected and re-boarded.
  13. You just have to be patient...ffs