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Have been in touch with unit "we are really busy with mobs and demobs - Glasgow just won't look at bounty stuff, it's just not important enough".  Is anyone else out there still bounty-less nearly three months after the end of the trg year?
Yep same problem.  Been promised it by the end of the month.  Of course I'll believe it when I see it.

Have to admit to being curious about the legalities of it.  Surely we should be allowed to charge lost interest?  Can you imagine if it was us that owned the MOD upwards of £1000 there'd be threats of charges and God knows what else.
May I suggest you write to your MP?  It might (only might) get someone at MoD to re-focus Glasgow.  Basically, kick up a stink as is your right as a voter.
Don't think the TA are the only Bountyless part timers this year - The part time R Irish in NI still haven't got there's either!.

Err... before contacting MPs though read the rules in QR/TA Regs otherwise the system will shaft you...

Why not use the system and all of us part timers submit Redresses of Complaint together... and all submit them at the same time... say the 14 July.

Imagine a few thousand Redresses hitting Glasgow at the same time on Monday 14 July...

Watch and Shoot - Watch and Shoot.
Well a certain OTC hasn't but then again we never seem to til about October anyways, is this the norm with our sort or is this unit preference ?
Have been promised it in my a/c by 9th July.  Will of course believe it when i see it.


You'll probably find (and this is a guess) that the OTC training year runs Sept-Sept rather than April-April to coincide with the academic calendar.  Otherwise, you'd never qualify for your bounty in your first year as you wouldn't get the opportunity to get in a camp.
Some from my unit have only just been put in for their bounty after arguments as to weather they qualify or not. one case in point Soldier A attends CIC, returns and is told he is going to Afganistan, does 2 weeks Cyprus, ! week work up training, Afganistan tour. Told npt getting bounty cos hes not got enough out of camp training in.......yes Glasgow you stupid Tw@ts I think he has forfilled his training commitment for the year dont you???????.
yiipppeeeeee ;D ;D ;D

By some small miracle my bounty is finally in.  Or more to the point there was a brief second when it hit my account before launching itself at my credit card. :'(
But since it's been revised anyway, how about this for a moan.

I've joined Crab TA, but work for a Tri-service unit.

Had a TA Commission back in the 80s, and still hold a RAF VR(T) Commission (cadet instructor), but have had to start from scratch.

Did RAF basic training back in November, have done 2 weekends with my unit, and one Officer training weekend with Cranwell. Altogether, I’ve done enough days to qualify for bounty, and I’ve passed all my MATTs (or RauxAF equivalent).

I just got a pay slip from JPA with the first 2 days of my basic on it, one weekend, and the last day of basic. So they still owe me about 11 days of basic, and bounty! What are the chances eh :x

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