Anyone else starting basic on the 22nd of Sept?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ginger_carpenter, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Anyone starting basic on the 22nd?
  2. WOW, why you waiting that long ? what you trade are you going in ?
  3. I know! passed selection on the 24th of april. Im joining the royal engineers as a carpenter and joiner.
  4. Same as me mate I passed on 1st April and im going in the RE as a C&J Start at bassingbourn 22/09.
    See you there buddy!
  5. 22nd september!!
    And I thought my wait was a long time.

    Good luck anyways lads...
  6. Bloody hell, waiting that long must be a killer! I want to join RE as an Electrician, i suspect I might have to wait a while to start basic then...

    Anyone here had to wait a short time to start basic? If so what corps were you in?

    I suspect the more technical the job is the longer you have to wait?
  7. Im going in the royal artillery and i had to wait 4 weeks between selection and basic.

    The job im doing is special observer.
  8. This cloud has a silver lining actually.

    I am not 100% fit yet, far from it. But as long as i train now, and goto selection in a few weeks, i can scrape the requirment. Then all i have to do is get even fitter between selection and basic, even if it is only 4 weeks!
  9. That's true, I am in the same boat.

    What are you going in as?
  10. Para mate. I've got the BARB test this thursday and then i think you get a date for selection. As long as the date for selection is about 4-6 weeks away, i'll be more than fit enough to scrape the fitness requirments.
  11. Hey im down for bassingbourn on the 22nd joining the RE (if this shading is through) as an electrician see you soon guys!! damn don`t know how im going to stay sane with such a long wait though!
  12. yeah the wait is a killer but as perviously said it gives you more time in wich to become fitter.
  13. yea true guess i`m off to find a nice civi job to keep me going for now lol
  14. My mate is going infantry and still has to wait until the 22nd of September.
  15. jamie :D Ginger :D looks like us 3 are gonna be seeng a lot of each other where all going to same place on same day to be in same regiment and do same trade :D