Anyone else sick of these fitness DVDs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Goodfella, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. I am still on Christmas leave and won't get back to work until FP Mon 9 Jan 06. I am therefore still watching that brilliant thing called daytime TV. I have not long finished watching GMTV. There have been a number of adverts between breaks and I have just counted nine fitness DVD's. Now i'm not saying that these women aren't attractive or that they're not good looking, but NINE bloody fitness DVD's. Anybody else want to rant about this too?
  2. They are nothing but a money making scheme. If you want to get fit, run, do situps, pressups, use a bike or even just go for a walk. Don't waste money on bolstering some showbiz bint's flagging career and bank balance! :x
  3. Max and Paddys Fitness DVD is class.....................i dropped my Kebab on my lap laughing!!
  4. what about abi titmuss's erotic lapdancing fitness video?
  5. Now, if it were Carmen Silvera with her singalongafitnessDVD - that would be awesome.

    Failing that, PT scares me.
  6. Just the adverts are so annoying. Not as bad as the Debt ones though, Ocean etc..
  7. Or those flipping magazines ones - you know the type "Buy part one of the Radio Control Car magazine for £2.99 and you get a wheel for your model" - in the small print "Usual price £7.99, complete in 95 parts. Radio controller not included" - complete con. You can buy the car from any model shop for 99.99 complete, and it doesn't take 2 years to collect the parts and build it! :roll:
  8. Its just money making.

    Stop your wifes/girlfriends etc going out to buy them and eventually, these people will stop making them.

    You can virtually depend on each set of adverts bombarding you with :

    Stop smoking
    get fit with my dvd
    sort out a loan ( as long as your a home owner)
    take out a over 50 insurance plan ( with free pen ).

    What ever happened to the good old Dulux dog or that fcukin white cat thingy ?
  9. I enjoyed the Hollyoaks one, my right arm is like Arnies now
  10. I like these things but I am a fat cnut that ate all the pies. I enjoy watching some D list celeb that owes all her success to 20 mins a day, let's face it, that's all it takes.
  11. fish-head

    So your the one ! lol