Anyone else served with 40 "Failed" in the early 90´s ???

Discussion in 'REME' started by ECE-Tech, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Cheers I just have you grass. Why don't you give the Warhammer club a shout?
  2. You fecking minge, dont start a fight then run off and get your mates when you cant take the heat!

  3. ECE.


    Get out more.
  4. I do not need to run off and get my mates. What I have posted is the truth.
    Other people here have other stories to tell over 40 "Failed"

    If you cannot take the truth then that is your problem and not mine.
  5. Boo hoo sniffle...
  6. YAY Tech could of told me ive nearly missed a day of fun already.
  7. What’s the point of bringing this up? You have not served with the unit for a decade or two. The unit are no longer called 40 field and have probably had more than 5 COs and RSMs since you served so your opinion of the unit is hardly relevant. Why don’t you get your self off down the Legion and regale the old and bold with your tales of woe!!

  8. One of my bestest ever and small penised Welsh nutcase pals was at 40 RA on Optag for a reservist tour a few years ago and ended up on pubwatch in Thirsk after smashing up a battery clerk and then hiding in the stables after a scoot back to camp, said the place was full of pricks and interestingly enough met a WO2 who (when a full screw) had wings on, turned out he had been challenged in the mess about it and had promptly unstitched his well worn wings
  9. Ahhh Olly the bluffing no-mark! A word to any potential bluffers out there - never lie about units served and courses done, especially if the person you're attempting to bluff is actually in the same unit, same sub-unit, passed the same course and has the course photograph that you claim to have done.

    Epic fail there Olly :D
  10. I am ashamed that the OP was an ECE.

    ******* whining hermer.