Anyone else reckon the WRAC capbadge looks a bit like a swasstika thats been sat on..

Your score in the quiz? 0/100 Where's me coat?
I rather think the Swastika looks like a WRAC capbadge thats been ironed by a brownshirt.
#12 a bird in the WRAC?
I once got sat on by a member of the WRAC (not a wholy unpleasant experience) and I look nothing like a Swastika.
In answer to the original question, no. 1/10 for attemping to lure people in with a dogshit question and the opening line of the actual post is the punchline!

Before you say it, yes, I came in - I just had to add to the deserved slagging you're getting.


Please send this thread to the arrsehole.

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