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Anyone else off to PWRR in Canterbury tomorrow for first visit? What to expect?

I got a call a couple of weeks back inviting me to the 2 hour session from 8 - 10PM for the TA at Canterbury for the first meeting. Is anyone else going?

Also, are there any dress codes I need to go by and what should I expect?

Looking forward to it, cheers all.


Dress code? make it smart, proper trousers, shirt, tie, clean shoes. Decent short haircut you are applying for a paid job! PS-Don't call anyone mate.
Good luck! A long journey but it's worth it.
just turn up about 19.45 there is no dress code. Bring a pen and I'll see you there.
Oooh and don't forget a couple of quid for a drink afterwards
The naked bar is normally fairly dress down (but that's from 2205 onwards).

Good luck.
Thats after the OTC have left.

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