anyone else like AL

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by billyx, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    having got BB recently ive been having great fun

    it soooo nice not to wait 15-20mins to buffer a video and even better having quick acess to good quick porn videos

    i love broadband:):)

    anyone else like this guy(the link is my fav song at presant)
    its a great pi*s take like all of his.

    also look up the wierd al and kevin fenderline interview or the emimnem interview(not real but very funny:)
  2. Congrats welcome to the 21st century your only seven years late.
  3. i have held out till the price was right(cheap:)

    the 56k modem i did have was fine except for good porn pics and videos
    but im glad iv`e got on the band wagon and at least getting graphic drivers doesnt take all night anymore(extra porn time:)
  4. You sad little man.... are we to expect more of this drivil???
  5. no doubt:::)

    little is a rascist remark and you said you wouldnt tell!!slut
  6. Cool! I was getting lonely being the token sad little man on here blue!
  7. Oh, and I'm not a slut, you paid, remember so don't go putting it about that I'm easy!
  8. narh im much more sad but i make up for it with everything else i do

    sad is:staying up on this bloomin pc when i could be boffing the relaxed and drousy misses upstairs:)

    now i think of it im gonna empty my spuds on a good video and spend the next 2hrs making the misses cry and beg and this time im not giving in

    school holidays mean she can beg for longer cos she hasn`t got to get up early:)hehehe

    im sad and a b*stard:)
  10. Six years late, Einstein.
  11. Ah, a man who doesn't start counting from zero but from one!

    (I had to explain it as it was well over numbnut's payscale to understand such a quip!)
  12. Pedant.
  13. Anyway i always round up.
  14. No it isn't - it may be sizist but certainly not racist!!
  15. Maybe he is a Hobbit? They are all shortarrse little fuggers.