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Anyone else heard, £140 for every year in, max 6 years ?

A friend has just told me they read a signal which said that the armed forces were entitled to £140 a year for laundry costs and could claim up to 6 years retrospectivelly. So potentially if you've served 6 years you could claim £840.

I'm slightly sceptical because it sounds too good to be true but my friend isn't stupid so there must be something in it.

Any ideas, I thought it would be worth asking on here.
I heard the same rumour yesterday, originating out of Camp Bastion. I put it down to urban myth. I asked the pay bloke about it yesterday while i was in for another matter, he hadn't a clue about it.

Rumours like this surface every now and again, and this is a rumour site. I wont be holding my breath. If, Tri-Service, 103,000 servicemen claim the full £840 quid that's a dent of almost 9 million quid in the defence budget. I doubt it somehow.

I would, however, be more than happy to eat my words.
I am in the navy and we are all applying for it at the moment. It all depends on what tax code you are. It does go back 6 years at £140 a year. At the moment the tax office has got a month or 2 delay as so many matelots are putting in for it.
You may get it or may not. No harm in trying.
I will put a template of the letter we use on here in next coupla days if thats any help?

davy crockett RN

I read through that link you have posted. one of the replies says it is only if your work does not have a laundry service. I am sure i have been told we can get our uniform done through the system but who can do without there kit for a week and then worry you will not get it back.
Yeah as far as i am aware you can take your mil kit to the Sqms or Rqms department and put it through the system to get cleaned althoug it will take a week or so, it would mean that you cannot claim the tax back as they are providing the service.

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