Anyone else had this response?


No 10 drivel
As per usual ducks the question and answers feck all!
You don't see a body-swerve like that outside of Twickenham on a match day. Unfortunately, these 'petitions' are now so discredited by the fact that the Government had absolutely no intention of taking them seriously in the first place that nobody in authority there really cares anyway.

Nowadays, official mendacity like this is so commonplace that it passes almost without any remark. This is the Government which raised Mandelson to the peerage without any real protest, remember.
I thought the answer was quite clear. Yes we do charge, tough, we want it both way. After all they're just service scum who'll never vote for us anyway so fcuk em.

On the breakfast news today John Prescott asked a young girl (teens) what she thought of Gordon Brown, she said who's Gordon Brown? Good point, who is Gordon Brown?

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