Anyone else had dramas with the DII contractors??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Flatcap, May 20, 2009.

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  1. This is a bit of rant so sorry in advance.

    Around April last year we re-opened our detachment in the neighbouring city. The TAC is shared with 3 other units and the cadets (everyone parades on the Tuesday night, so it's a busy place). During our absence from the TAC the DII infrastructure had been installed, including using a large room as a server room, so we lost a bit of real estate. All the other units which had remained at that TAC all had DII terminals in the relevant offices etc. I wouldn't have expected our office to be equipped with a terminal when we weren't there, so well in advance we put in a request for one ready for our move back. In the meantime we were administering JPA etc at SHQ in the next city as we couldn't get onto the other unit's DII machines on the basis that they were always being used by them, fair enough!

    RHQ even scratched around had managed to part with a terminal so it could be set aside for us. But as it hadn't "gone throught the correct channels" it couldn't be simply taken to my TAC and installed.......oh no the relevant paperowrk had to be filled out and sent off for approval. Approval came in February 2009!!! (admittedly there might have been a balls up at RHQ in getting the request off accounting for 2 months of lag time, but 8 months for approval for fecks sake!!!)

    Eventually the approval arrives and DII installation team are booked, except there is a problem..... the DII terminal doesn't have a printer, someone forgot to order a printer for it. Not a problem says I, install the terminal and we can use the other unit's printerin the meantime (cos that's the great thing about being on a network!!!) and reimburse them in ink and paper later. The other unit thought this was a blinding idea. Proposal went to DII contractors whose response was ........"sorry computer says no........ you can't have your terminal until you have the accompanying printer as it can only be signed off as a whole package if all the hardware is installed together at the same time"...............heavy sigh!!!

    So eventually the printer arrives at RHQ last month. Eventually DII contractor finds a space in their oh so busy schedule so they can come and install it. It is made explictly clear to them that the hardware is at RHQ and as we are not allowed to move it, even with an armed/armoured escort, they have to first go to RHQ to pick it up. This is reiterated by SHQ and also RHQ the day before installation.

    Yesterday they turned up at the detachment without the hardware expecting it to be there already. Various email printouts, confirming that they had to go to RHQ first, were stuffed up the DII contractors Arrse and he was kindly told to feck orf and come back with the hardware. "Sorry can't do as we have other jobs to sort out today and we can't knock them back........" My PSI was desperately having to control his bulging forehead vein from bursting. So they rescheduled for this morning.

    Guess what though.............??? go on have a guess...........

    That's right the turds never turned up. We are now having to find another slot in diaries for them to be able to come again.

    So what's the longest and most drawn out experience anyone has had with the DII contractors? and would anyone like to join me with the contractors tied to a seatless chair in a soundproofed room for maybe 20mins of kicking someone to within an inch of their sorry lives???!!!!!

    Arghhhhhhhhhh! :x :evil:
  2. My motherboard went of one of my machines (That's what you get for buying DELL! great choice MOD!!!!) I phoned them up and said, "Oi, I need a new MB, mine is fooked" They said how do you know. I reel off long list of dull quals and tell them a knackered MB is hardly rocket science to diagnose. They agree to send out an engineer. I tell them, make sure he brings a new MB.

    He turns up a week and a half later, looks at comp and says "your MB is knackered mate". "Yes, I know, I told YOU that" I reply. His response. Well I don't have an MB with me so I need to reschedule. Queue another 2 week wait and another £72 call out charge billed to the tax payer.
  3. I suggest you raise a complaint call with the help desk and refer them to your original requirement. They have to respond to that and are accountable. They will try to fob you off but stand your ground.
  4. Official complaint made by SHQ and RHQ today and hopefully someone will be marched out to the square and shot. However, in reality nothing will happen and the MOD will not penalise the contractor as they most likely won't be arrsed!!

    Oh and the PSAO is usually a pussy cat, but now his switch has been flicked he won't budge until it's sorted.
  5. Good for you, perhaps if more people raised complaint calls it MAY flag up something to the nerds (sorry) watching service management.

    If all else fails raise it with your DII TLB contact (published on the DII website) because they should be attending monthly meetings with Atlas.
  6. Dealing with them now on my camp. They dont know their f*!king arses from their elbows. useless shower. :pissedoff:
  7. You need to log a complaint call. There are contractual time limits on repairing or replacing equipment (its what the monthly recurring charge pays for). They've contractually failed.
  8. We've had no problems. Something breaks? They turn up, take it away, bring new one.

    I think it helps that the ATLAS co-ordinator type person is an ex-crab and likes to get things done
  9. Amazing how quickly they get their backsides into gear when a complaint is made. Bloke turned up today at the right place and at the right time and is in the process of installing it as we speak. Funny how yesterday they couldn't find a clear slot for the next couple of weeks!!!
  10. They're not all bad and alot is gained from forming a cordial relationship with your local DII team head. If they tell you they're too busy, your first port of call should be the SPOC to log a complaint call. There are also break-fix repair times somewhere on their intranet site which are the service level agreement timelines they are required to work to. Every organisation has a couple of knobs working for them you just cant let them get away with it.
  11. Glad it worked but a shame you had to complain in the first place.