Anyone else going/hoping to go to AFC Harrogate Sept 2008?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AdrenalineJunky, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to know how many of you plan to go to the Army Foundation College next september. Also, people who are there/have been there can you tell me/us what it is like?

    Thanks, Joel
  2. I am not sure if I want to go there. I have heard good things about Bassingbourn so was considering going there. I just want to get into the Army as soon as I can after school.
  3. My plans are to join AFC next Septemeber. Got me BARB and medical next week.
  4. Cool, i already know about you stu :p
    Go to harrogate and you never know, i'll see you there! :D

  5. Yeah I am, Waiting to hear back from Medical, after a query they needed.
    That was sorted and all good - now holding by for a phonecall for a certain letter :)
    Got 72 in BARB.

    After that should get dates :)
  6. heh, do you think i have started the process a bit late? I'm only going to ask on moday, then get a real interview or whatever comes next
  7. Not at all!

    I'm tad ahead of you - so just ask me if something your nervous about that's coming up.

    (and the million other guys here)
  8. Adrenaline Junky what are you talking about late 8O , its 9 months away :!: , You have plenty of time.
  9. Its just, for civvy colleges people have been rejected because places have been filled in september 2007 for the september 2008 intake, apparantly AFC places go damn quick too...

  10. Applications go damn quick, not the places.
    Just try and train as much as you can.
  11. Realistically the ACIO shouldnt be sending you down to ADSC until around April time at the earliest anyway, even though some do, also age will come into it for starting application and going to ADSC. The PSO's dont like applicants passing selection over six months before their due to start at the AFC. Things like predicted grades wont be be available from your mock exam results to enter on your 485 (school reference) until around the end of January/start of February anyway and this is needed for all Juniors for both interviews and the PSO at ADSC. As well as that all those going for trades at AFC/Bassingbourn will only provissionally pass at ADSC for the job and have to wait for the exam results to come out mid August until they get proof of their exam results. My advice to anyone starting the process is to also apply for other civvy college places aswell just incase something happens with your application en-route, you can always fob these off if you do pass for the Army. Otherwise you may fail at the last hurdle then panic to get on courses that you dont really want to do.
  12. Got my BARB and medical next Wednesday but unsure on whether or not i take in my filled in application because if you have to wait until mock results are in, i will only send application in around mid january?
  13. That will be fine, start the application now and BARB as directed by your recruiter next Wednesday. Your predicted grades will come into play once your hopefully found medical suitable from your RG8 health questionairre. Thats when your headteacher reference will come into play when you go in for your job brief to choose your 3 job preferences before they see if your ready for your interviews.

    Get the process started, at least you know where you stand.
  14. yea im planing to go to harrogate and i think i will be in that entry time
    and i dont think you need to put your prectided grades on if you dont have them yet. well at least i dident and ive sent mine off without them because i dont have them
  15. Cheers, thats helped me too. Im training like hell :p