Anyone else get the feeling the ACF is being overun by chavs

Discussion in 'ACF' started by baby_officer, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Well. after 3 years. I feel everyone on my wavelength has found other sources of amusement and/or given up on what at present seems to be a lost cause

    I am one of the very few cadets left from "my time." My detatchment is full of chavs who dont even want to learn at all, seemingly, i have an impossible job, now as the only NCO.

    A year ago I was promised my sgt, but not surprisingly I am still stretching my humble two stripes to their limit to try and control this rabble of sh1t

    well to be frank, I feel I have wasted the past year I've been in, having had no training whatsoever, only teaching recruits and 1 stars I know for a fact won't be there the next fortnight.

    The CCF has offered me a position, and while it gets sorted, I dont think i shall be looking back
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The ACF hasn't changed, you have. I see this all the time with cadets who have been in two or three years.
  3. Baby Officer? Not sure you are - I hope you don't have regular army aspirations. Man up. Grow up. The rabble doesn't go away (not sure about the sh1t) - you just get better at meeting their needs.

    What do you want to be an Officer for if it isn't to be about leading?

    You don't get to pick the goods, only to improve them.
  4. Well said maninblack and brockle. As you mature and become "time served" if indeed that can be applied to ACF then quite simply it is YOU that changes. Getting the third stripe which you have "been promised" will only widen that difference.

    Keep on leading and working with what you have.
  5. It is true. There are a lot of chavs in the ACF, but also the same can be said for the ATC, SCC and even some CCF contingents. You always get n*bbers in life but you have to deal with it. Think of it as a challenge that you have to overcome. Because I know you may think that it's difficult to control them but imagine how good you would feel if you did control them and they did learn. The chavs come and go on nearly a weekly basis at our unit, but you have to ask yourself 'did you really want them there anyway?'.

    Being part of the CCF and the SCC and knowing a lot of people in the ACF I would say that the CCF is probably the worst behaved of the lot, because the majority (or at least at our school) do not want to be there. Now, think, leaving to join the CCF is not going to get you anywhere, I'm sorry but it is common knowledge that the CCF has worse training than all the other cadet forces. So when you do join up (as I assume you want to) you are going to have wrong ideas/principles when you join up. The ACF would be much more useful to you in the long run, and although you say that you have recieved no instruction, do you honestly think the CCF would be much better?

    So basically (for lazy people who don't want to read the above) just sit tight at the ACF, and think how fun the camps are going to be.
  6. The first bold I agree with, as many CCF's are compulsory, and as such discipline is poor, but there are still many excellent detachments who have dedicated cadets and are not compulsory.

    The second bold is bulls***, I don't know where you got that from.
  7. From experience in the CCF, SCC and working with the ACF.
  8. You must have been with a very poor detachment then, at frimley I was teaching ACF, SCC and ATC section battle drills, and how to assemble PLCE webbing. You'll be glad to hear though that the guy who was more proficient then me at that was a marine cadet.
  9. Tell me about it. My contingent for CCF is the worst ever. About the marine cadet and PLCE, well to be completely honest, that suprises me, because the marine cadets at my dettachment are very good at fieldwork, battle drills, harbour drills etc but at setting up their webbing, well, thats just poor for most of them.
  10. He was an independent Marine detachment, not CCF. :D
  11. what your doing wrong is judging organisations as a whole. some CCFs are good some are bad, some ACFs are good some are bad. although its probably true there are more good ACFs then CCFs and less bad ACFs than CCFs.
  12. I go to an independent marine dettachment. My CCF is an army CCF.
  13. we were all chavs once........but without the fake burberry!
  14. That's down to the training, not the individuals!
  15. Once you are able to control the cadets in your detachment you will have proved that you have got what it takes to be a sgt and are more likely to get promoted. A good cadet sgt would not sit around bitching about the job they've got to do but would crack on and do it to the best of their ability. Discipline would ultimately improve the 'chavs' that you mention.

    About you not receiving any training, what star grading are you? If this genuinely concerns you why not discuss this with your DC?